A child pageant star has revealed how she became a millionaire in primary school – but claimed that she is still a “relatable” teenager to her classmates.

Isabella Barrett was only six years-old when she featured on the controversial Toddlers in Tiaras reality series, which is a show that features pushy parents dolling up their daughters to be entered into fashion contests from an early age.

Since then, the American teen has pursued a career as a model and businesswoman, spending £25,000 a week on sustaining her lavish lifestyle.

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Now, while being profiled in a VICE documentary, Isabella has admitted that she is the only millionaire in her school class, but stressed that her peers never treat her differently, for instance by asking her to lend them money.

“I’m like a normal teenager, I’m very relatable so people just kind of click with me like they do with their friends,” she suggested.

“I live kind of like a Hannah Montana life, when I go to New York and I do all my modelling and stuff, I’m a different person.

“But when I come home I love to be a teenager and have fun, so I kind of be as relatable as possible and just be me.”

The teenager showed presenter Sidney Lima around her enormous house, which even includes a ‘pageant room’ featuring posters of her time as a child model as well as her victory sashes and tiaras.

“I started in pageants, and then from pageants I started my first company called Glitzy Girl, so that’s how I made my first million.

“From there I created a clothing line, and now have three successful companies.”

The youngster also advertises brands in videos she records at home, and is preparing to release a book about her life so far.

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But despite this variety of interests and the pressure put upon her to perform from a young age, Isabella’s mum Susana said that her daughter had made her own choices.

“Of course I’m going to be on top of my child, she’s a child,” she acknowledged. “If you ask me if I’m a pushy mum? No. If you ask me if I’m going to show up to everything? Absolutely.

“Bella is self-made because we took her 15 minutes of fame and made it into a Super Bowl commercial.”


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