Model on biggest dating no-nos after walking out on lad who bought cheap wine

First dates can come with a lot of rules.

But one thing that is often a topic of discussion is who should pay for dinner…

Model Ju Isen recently found herself attending a date where the lad "forgot" his wallet.

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She's had some embarrassing encounters, including a penny-pincher who fooled her with one of the oldest tricks in the book.

On another occasion, her date asked the waiter if there were any wines of the day sales.

Ju said: "He looked at the menu and asked the waiter if he had any specials."

She added: "I pulled out the menu and ordered the expensive wine I like."

Since she wasn't so impressed by the man's savvy ways on the date, she decided to drink the wine and headed to the bathroom.

"But I left and never came back," the influencer admitted. "He called me on WhatsApp, but I blocked him."

She also shared an unfortunate tale which included a motel trip.

Ju explained: "I decided to go to the motel after the first date, but on the way he asked me to split the bill.

"I sent a message to a friend, who immediately called me and made up that I needed to leave, because I had an emergency."

And the worst first date experience for the beauty was when a "penny pincher" claimed he forgot his wallet.

She met the lad on Tinder and decided to meet with him for dinner with a group of pals.

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Speaking about the situation, Ju said: "I met with someone from Tinder and he said he forgot his wallet.

"It was a group date and everyone was looking at my face when he spoke.

"I had to pay my share and his share. I still have trauma from the date."

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