Moment woman tells her husband she's pregnant after 15 years

Emotional moment woman tells her husband she’s pregnant after 15 years of trying

  • Brie and Stephen Owens, from Atlanta, had been trying for a baby since 2008 
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This is the emotional moment a woman told her husband they were expecting a baby after the couple had been trying for 15 years.

Brie Owens, 37, an Atlanta-based stay-at-home mother to four adopted children, announced the surprise to her husband Stephen, 39, on camera.

During the short clip, Brie initially teased her husband about the possibility of getting pregnant in the near future, a sentiment he branded ‘insane’.

Brie then shared the jaw-dropping news that a pregnancy test she’d taken earlier had come back ‘positive’. After a slight pause both can be heard breaking down in deep sobs.

The video opened up with the happy couple discussing remodeling plans for their home, before Brie unexpectedly asked: ‘What happens if I’m pregnant?’

This is the emotional moment a woman told her husband they were expecting a baby after the couple had been trying for 15 years (Pictured: The woman’s husband Stephen Owens hears the news)

Brie Owens, from Atlanta, Georgia, announced the heartwarming surprise to her husband on camera. Here, he loses all composure and breaks down into deep sobs

Stephen, a data analyst, was at a loss for words and instead stumbled over his speech.

For a brief moment he left to attend to their children, before returning with the response: ‘That would be insane’.

‘God is good,’ he continued. ‘And He will provide for us. Could you imagine being pregnant? Like William won’t even be one’.

Then Brie blurted out: ‘Em well I took a test’.

An already fidgety Stephen looked equal parts gobsmacked and confused – even having to steady himself using both hands.

Before he could regain his composure, his wife added: ‘It’s positive’.

The couple are already parents to four adopted children, and had been trying for a biological child since 2008. (Pictured: Stephen and Brie Owens)

Upon hearing the news, the ecstatic couple embraced for a joyful hug before falling into deep sobs of joy

Before the announcement Stephen’s emotions can be seen slowly brewing, causing him to pace backward in deep thought

Cupping his hands to his face, he rushed towards his pregnant wife – and what was once a humongous smile transformed into tears of joy. 

‘Is this a joke?’ he asked through tears.

The ecstatic couple then embraced for a heartwarming hug before both fell into deep sobs of joy.

Brie clearly couldn’t keep the news a secret from her darling for much too long, telling him she had known for just five minutes.

The life-changing news kept Stephen in tears right until the end of the video. 

In August this year, Brie noticed her period was late, but initially put it down to stress.

‘I’m very regular but we had a really stressful month’ said Brie. ‘We’re doing a remodeling.

‘My mom is in the hospital so I thought that was what it was’.

But when Brie took the test and saw the positive mark, she was left in ‘shock’ and quickly decided to surprise her hubby with the remarkable news.

‘I took the test and I was just in shock.

‘Stephen didn’t know about the test because on the off chance I wanted to surprise him.

After Brie blurts out that she’s pregnant, an already fidgety Stephen looks equal parts gobsmacked and confused – even having to steady himself to the ground using both hands

Cupping his hands to his face, Stephen rushed towards his pregnant wife with a humongous smile

Brie and her husband had no diagnosed fertility issues, but struggled to conceive. However, they wanted to let nature take its course rather than trying an intervention such as IVF 

‘I just wanted to confirm that I was pregnant. It was a confirmation deal, not a hopeful deal’.

The couple had been trying for a biological child since 2008, but when they realized it was wasn’t happening, the couple held up hopes for about a year and a half before they decided to leave it to fate.

Brie said: ‘At the beginning we tried for a year and a half but it started to just feel exhausting and silly.

‘It had always been an if it happens it happens kind of thing, but absolutely we never stopped trying’.

They were never told they were infertile but felt strongly that they wanted to use natural means, not treatments such as IVF.

The couple desperately wanted to raise children and decided that adoption was the best option for them.

They started the process to adopt Joseph, their first child, in 2013 and were approved in 2015.

Now the couple have four adopted children from foster care, with nine-month-old William being the youngest, who was adopted earlier this year.

The Owens family hadn’t planned to adopt this many children but they couldn’t stand the idea of not helping as many kids as possible.

Brie added: ‘If the situation presents itself, we would not send a child from our home if adoption or permanent guardianship was an option’.

And after 15 years of infertility and four adopted kids, the couple are now expecting their fifth child and couldn’t be more excited about the ‘crazy’ idea of adding to their family. 

‘After so long you don’t even think about it. It’s hard to explain. You might hope for it but you don’t expect it,’ Brie said. 

‘We have four kids already, this is crazy but so exciting.

‘It hasn’t totally set in, but I’m very very excited, we finally get to tell our parents, our friends and our kids that it’s worked.

‘Our kids are very excited too to be big siblings again’.

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