Just call it Hammered High!

Page Six hears that a dance thrown by a well-to-do high school in a posh Long Island enclave got out of hand when a group of moms went wild — and one matriarch pooped on the bathroom floor, while another made out with a senior.

A private mom’s Facebook group post, seen by Page Six, claims, “It was a really nice evening until some moms decided to act like absolute pigs and get stupid drunk, poop on the bathroom floor, do drugs in the restroom, sneak in alcohol and dance inappropriately.”

The killjoy commenter added, “Just wow to the disgusting, pitiful moms who conducted themselves that way. . . I feel bad for their sons. Boys — choose the opposite of what your trash bag mom is.”

We’re told the posts regarding the wild bash were taken off the group site.

Another source said of the scene — which sounds like an ’80s movie starring Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, combined with scatological classic “Two Girls One Cup” — that,  “One mom made out with a senior. On the dance floor. Boys were dancing around with no shirts on. The moms had zero shame.”

Now we hear that the venue has banned the school from holding its sophisticated soirées there in future.

A rep for the venue told us that, “It is very disturbing when rumors snowball.” They added that they have another event scheduled with the same school.

Cops tell us they did arrive at the scene, but that it was because a mom had cut her foot on her high heel and needed to be taken to the hospital.

The good news is that if “Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis wants to turn his camera on the MILF community for an “And Just Like That”-style reboot, we may just have found the cast.

Reps for the school did not respond to requests for comment.

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