Mother-of-two transforms rundown house with £5,000 in DIY makeover

Mother transforms rundown property covered in rubbish and drug paraphernalia into a modern home for her family in incredible DIY makeover that cost her just £5,000

  • Charlotte Greedy, 28, from Pontyclun, Wales, said that she had been working on the renovation for two years
  • The blogger said that the home was ‘pit of drugs, cigarettes and trash’ when she first bought it two years ago 
  • She shared a series of before and after photographs and it is now completely unrecognisable

A mother-of-two has transformed a rundown house into a modern home for her family with a budget of just £5,000.    

Charlotte Greedy, from Pontyclun, Wales, who enjoyed a passion for DIY from a young age, has been working on the project for two years.

The 28-year-old, who lives with her partner, Harriet Waite, 31, and her two children, Enzo, seven, and Brody, four, said she wanted a ‘fresh start’ for her family.

The DIY-er was forced to rip out much of the rundown interior before she could put her own stamp on it. Pictured: Main bedroom before (left) and after (right)

Charlotte Greedy, from Wales, has transformed a rundown house into modern home for her family with just £5,000 in DIY makeover. Pictured: Kitchen before (left) and (right)

Charlotte said that she has been working on the transformation project for the past two years. Pictured: Living room before

She was able to source budget materials to renovate her property at minimal cost. Pictured: Living room after

Charlotte has shared a range of incredible before and after photos of the entire property which she claims was a pit of drug paraphernalia, cigarettes and trash when she first bought it.

She has kept followers up to date on Instagram (@missgreedyshome) and has so far amassed more than 116,000 followers for sharing her hints and tips. 

The home is now completely unrecognisable and Charlotte was able to source budget materials to renovate her property at minimal cost. 

The 28-year-old (pictured), who lives with her partner, Harriet Waite, 31, and her two children, Enzo, seven, and Brody, four, said she wanted a ‘fresh start’ for her family

The mother-of-two used vinyl flooring from B&M and fastened it with spray glue in the bathroom. Pictured: Bathroom before (left) and (right)

‘I’ve always had a passion for DIY and trying to do it on a budget where I can,’ she said. 

‘I’ve searched Pinterest since I was a kid and loved watching other people’s transformations, which then led to me doing my own.

‘I did the decorating all by myself. I couldn’t afford to renovate my kitchen and bathroom fully when I moved in, so I did them both on a budget.’ 

Charlotte and her family managed to complete the renovation all on their own without any help from professionals. Pictured: Dining room before (left) and after (after)

Charlotte is now encouraging others to do the same as she said the trick is to keep going and not to give up. Pictured: Son Brody’s bedroom before (left) and after (right)

Charlotte’s spend 

Vinyl flooring 

Sink storage unit


Floor tiles 

Stick-on tiles 

Plug sockets 

Light fitting 

Cupboard handles 









For the kitchen and bathroom, which cost around £700 to complete in total, the mother-of-two used vinyl flooring (£40) from B&M and fit it herself using some spray glue and a pen knife. 

She also purchased an under-sink storage unit (£40) and some white paint (£10). Charlotte completed the look with some accessories she already owned.  

Charlotte did splurge on a new tiled floor (£100), but otherwise the transformation was very cost-effective.

Charlotte also used some stick-on tiles for the walls (gifted), two tins of paint (£64), new chrome plug-sockets (£23), a new light fitting (£25), and some cupboard handles (£45).

She and her family managed to complete the renovation of the three-bedroom semi-detached home all on their own without any help from professionals. 

In just two years, she has managed to completely refurbish her home. 

Speaking previously about her kitchen renovation, Charlotte said: ‘I bought stick on tiles from a company called Tic Tac Tiles on Amazon to cover my existing tiles.

‘I also bought Good Home North pole paint from B&Q and painted my worktops!

The remaining money of their £5,000 budget was spent on furniture and decorations. Pictured: Hallway after

The outside space was an uninspiring patch of grass when Charlotte and her family first moved in. Pictured: Garden before

Now Charlotte has added interest in the outside space with the inclusion of a raised patio, garden furniture and even a jacuzzi. Pictured: Garden after

Charlotte’s money-saving makeover tricks 

  • Paint cupboards, rather than buy new
  • Paint countertops instead of replacing
  • Replace handles to make cupboards look new 
  • Buy stick-on tiles and place them on top of your current tiles 
  • Look for flooring in B&Q. It can be fitted with spray glue 

‘The worktops were a horrible shiny black before and now they’re a matte white colour. 

‘I then painted my cupboards using Good Home Durable Delware Satin Multi-Surface paint. 

‘I used a mini gloss roller from Poundstretcher to apply both the worktop and cupboard paint, and only used a little brush for the hard to get to parts!

‘I changed all my cupboard handles which were again purchased from B&Q and I changed my own plug sockets from white to chrome. 

‘I bought my flooring off eBay and used a pen knife and spray glue to fit it, and changed my light fitting to a brighter light.’ 

She continued: ‘The bathroom was so run down, dingy and grubby. I’d just moved in so I was on a tight budget.

‘I fitted the flooring myself over the existing flooring and used the new under-sink storage unit to hide all of the pipework. 

‘I finished off with a cheap tub of white paint and the room was completely transformed.’ 

Today, she continued: ‘My kitchen is my favourite renovation I have done although I am obsessed with our garden, which however wasn’t on a budget.

‘I love the outcome of what I’ve achieved here, it’s a great feeling knowing I have accomplished that when I had nothing to my name two years ago. 

Charlotte claims the rundown home was a pit of drugs, cigarettes and trash when she first bought it (left and right)

Charlotte said that the entire renovation was for the sake of her two children. Pictured: Son Enzo’s bedroom before

She said she had ‘worked her socks off’ to give them the home they have now. Pictured: Son Enzo’s bedroom after

‘Everything I’ve done and continue to do is for my two little boys, I’ve worked my socks off to provide them with what we have now.’ 

In a few words of advice for others who wish to renovate their home, Charlotte added: ‘If you were in the same place I was two years ago with nothing, keep going, do not give up and push through.

‘There’s always light at the end of the tunnel and when you can’t afford the nice new kitchen or the nice new bathroom, there are other ways to make them beautiful for such a small cost.’

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