My brother-in-laws are cheats and liars and I want to report them to their workplaces | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: BOTH of my brothers-in-laws are liars and cheats and I’d love to report them to their workplaces.

I’m 47 and my wife is 49. She’s lovely but all the men in her family are rotten through and through.

Her brothers think nothing of getting signed off with stress from work.

They know how to work the system so they get full pay for weeks while they swan about on holiday.

My youngest brother-in-law helps himself to any cash left on the sideboard when he visits and he’s done the same to their nan.

My wife has always talked me out of reporting them but now I’ve had enough.

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I was made redundant three months ago and the doctor says I’m suffering from depression.

We’re broke and they’re getting away with murder.


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DEIDRE SAYS: I totally understand your outrage but be careful you don’t alienate your wife over this and add to your woes.

Focus on positive steps, such as voluntary work, to boost your CV.

I’m also sending you my support pack Finding A Job.

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