My girlfriend is angry because I 'checked' if she looked fat

My girlfriend is not talking to me because I ‘looked’ when she asked if she looked fat in an outfit

  • A couple got into an argument after the woman asked if she ‘looked fat’ in a dress
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A young man was shocked when his girlfriend stopped speaking to him after he answered an ‘innocent’ question honestly.

The 18-year-old was originally ecstatic to enter his first relationship and navigate life as an adult.

His girlfriend, also 18, tried on a dress for her aunt’s upcoming wedding – but disaster soon struck when she turned to him and asked: ‘Do I look fat in this dress?’

The man chose to look her up and down before answering, which infuriated his partner.

‘I don’t understand,’ he shared on Reddit. ‘I glanced at her, looked for a second, and said no. She got really upset, and said I should be able to say she’s not fat without looking. I only looked because I wanted to be able to answer honestly. Was I wrong?’

A confused man was shocked when his girlfriend stopped speaking to him after he answered an innocent question honestly

He shared some more background about the situation in a post. 

‘Her mother bought a champagne dress for her to wear to her aunt’s wedding, and she put it on and showed me.

‘I told her she looked really beautiful in it then went back to reading. And then a couple of minutes later she asked if she looked fat in the dress.’

Many with more relationship experience shared that while he didn’t do anything wrong, there were better ways to address his girlfriend’s insecurity.

‘Honest questions require honest answers,’ one said. ‘To win boyfriend points, you have to go further than a yes/no. Look her up and down and say something cute like: ‘You look stunning in that dress, I am proud to be your boyfriend’.’

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‘My fiancé always counters with: ‘If you feel fat in the dress, it doesn’t matter what I say, you’re uncomfortable and that won’t change’,’ a woman shared.

While others slammed the ‘trick’ question and claimed there were no right answers.

‘This needs to stop happening,’ one wrote. ‘It’s a toxic question someone asks when they’re itching to start a fight.’ 

‘Asking if you look fat is the biggest trap question, and I say that as a woman. Either: ‘you are lying. I DO look fat. You’re trying to make me feel better’ or ‘Why did you say yes! Are you saying I’m fat!’ Damned if you do, damned if you don’t,’ another said.

‘Don’t do this. It’s a game no one wins and at best he is just going to lie to you. If you feel fat, go diet, exercise, or wear better fitting clothes. Don’t give people around you loaded questions because you feel insecure about your body,’ a man said.

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