My husband cheated on me when I was bedridden with brain inflammation

This was the heartbreaking reality for Meghan Beaudry, a Texas-based writer who developed aphasia, a type of brain inflammation caused by Lupus. In an interview with Insider, Meghan shared her harrowing journey of illness, recovery, and betrayal.

At the peak of her illness, Meghan struggled to remember even her own identity. Bedridden and unable to walk or think clearly, she fought for survival every day.

Despite her debilitating condition, she tried to maintain her relationship with her husband, hoping to reconnect with the person she once was.

But instead of support, she faced anger and verbal abuse from her spouse.

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While Meghan focused on her recovery and began regaining her strength, she noticed a disturbing pattern in her husband’s behavior. He showed no interest in celebrating her progress and instead unleashed fits of rage upon her fragile state.

It was during this time that Meghan realized her husband had changed. The man she had married seemed to have disappeared, replaced by someone consumed by impulsiveness, anger, and selfishness.

When Meghan finally had the strength to live independently again, she made the courageous decision to leave her cheating husband.

The first week of living on her own brought her a sense of peace she hadn’t felt in a long time. It affirmed that ending her marriage was the right choice for her well-being and happiness.

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As a symbol of her resilience and triumph over adversity, Meghan chose to keep her engagement ring after the divorce. It serves as a reminder of the challenges she overcame and the person she has become.

Surviving both a debilitating illness and a toxic marriage has shaped Meghan into a strong individual who cherishes joy and treasures every moment life offers.

Aphasia, the language disorder Meghan experienced, is typically caused by damage to the brain’s language center. It commonly occurs after a stroke or head injury but can also develop due to brain tumors or degenerative diseases.

Last year, actor Bruce Willis brought aphasia into the public eye when he revealed his diagnosis.

For Meghan, the condition stripped her of her ability to express and comprehend language, leaving her without a sense of time and impairing her memory and cognitive functions.

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