On This Day: 29 years since the Estonia ferry disaster in the Baltic Sea

29 years ago (1994) We reported on the Estonia ferry disaster in the Baltic Sea, which claimed 852 lives.

Brit Paul Barney described how he was the only survivor as nine people tried to hang onto his lifeboat. The vessel was sailing from the Estonian capital Tallinn, to the Swedish capital Stockholm, when it sank in rough seas.

A subsequent inquiry into the tragedy blamed a design flaw in the visor doors as well as crew members for delaying the alarm.

100 years ago (1923) The British Mandate for Palestine came into effect formally, giving the UK administrative authority over the region lost by the Ottoman Turks after the First World War.

The controversial Balfour Declaration established a national homeland for Jews alongside the Palestinian Arabs, who made up the majority of the population.

44 years ago (1979) On a historic visit to Ireland, Pope John Paul II called for an end to sectarian violence in the country.

He delivered a sermon to more than 1.25 million people gathered at Dublin’s Phoenix Park before visiting the town of Drogheda, near the border with Northern Ireland.

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