Only people with ‘eagle eyes’ can spot three spooky faces in optical illusion

Optical illusions can be tricky to solve at times.

They could deceive us into thinking something isn't actually there and play games with our vision. Now if you want to test your eagle eyes, we've got just the brainteaser.

In the image, you could see two children picking fruits in an orchard. The boy is picking pears from the tree, while the girl is grabbing apples on the right.

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You might take a look at the baskets the children are carrying which are full of fruits. But the real task is to spot the three creepy faces hidden somewhere.

With this tricky optical illusion, you must try to solve it within the rapid time limit. So you've got 8 seconds, have you got what it takes to complete it?

Still struggling? Scroll down for the answer…

These kind of optical illusions can be great for your eyesight as they really put your vision on the line. It can be hard to solve at first, but once you spot one, it should get easier over time.

Start by scanning the tree and bench, you might just see something spooky lurking. Are you looking for more mind-bending optical illusions? We've got you covered!

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Previously, we had an optical illusion with lines and black dots, but it's impossible to spot all of them at once. It shows criss-crossing blue lines with nine black dots located between them.

Wherever you focus on the image, you'll only see the dots on the same horizontal line – the others above or below will disappear before your eyes.

The disappearing and reappearing dots may be due to humans' peripheral vision, which is what we see outside our direct line of sight.

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