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I WON'T lie, I was a bit hesitant to do an Oodie review.

I've never been a huge fan of clothing like this: it feels a bit gimmicky, and wearing a hooded blanket feels a bit like choosing to look ugly. Surely no level of comfort can be worth that.

However, after a couple of weeks of testing both my girlfriend's love for me and my workplace's virtual meeting etiquette, I'm ready to give myself over to the mantra of comfort over style and say that everyone should buy an Oodie.

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In case you haven't heard of The Oodie, it's the biggest name in what is becoming an increasingly popular market: hooded blankets.

They're becoming more and more popular not just because of their obvious comfort, but also as a spinoff of the "put another jumper on" school of thought; the idea being that if you're wearing a kilogram and a half of Oodie's patented fluffy material, you'll be less inclined to put your central heating on.

However, they're not exactly cheap, with prices starting at £59 even in the brand's current sale. So, in the name of research, I've donned my testing hat and hooded blanket and done an Oodie review.

Overall rating: 4.5/5


  • Incredibly warm
  • Great selection of designs
  • Almost the definition of cosy
  • Could save you money on your heating


  • Not cheap for something that you probably shouldn't wear out of the house
  • Slightly difficult to store
  • Can get a bit too warm

Oodie review: first impressions

  • Get up to £30 off in Oodie's Autumn Sale – here

My first encounter with Oodie actually happened a while before I got one; my girlfriend has one, and I'll be honest, I ridiculed her for it. It's got garlic bread printed on it, it's a particularly unappetising shade of yellow, and it's not exactly cut like a Chanel dress.

So it was not with an entirely open mind that I received mine, I have to admit. However, mine came in a more agreeable turquoise tie-dye design, and after decanting it from its drawstring bag and undoing the pretty ribbon, I slipped it on and realised that actually, I was so comfortable that I didn't even care what I looked like.

At first, I treated the Oodie a little bit like a bad habit, only wearing it when I knew I wouldn't be caught, sneaking around, fluff-clad, in the dead of night.

However, before long, I was wearing it on work calls (internal meetings only, of course), answering the door in it and generally going about my daily business without a care in the world. I only draw the line when I have to go out into the real world.


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What is an Oodie?

An Oodie is technically a hooded blanket, but the best way to describe it is probably as a fluffier, hooded, more luxurious hospital gown.

You put it on as you would a t-shirt, and mine comes down to somewhere around my knees (I'm around 5ft 10). The size is reportedly based on a 6XL hoodie, and The Oodie says that it's ideal for people sized 5ft to 6ft, meaning that if you're on the taller side, you might struggle. If you or the person you're buying for are shorter than 5ft, you might have some luck with a Kid's Oodie, which measures 75cm in length.

The inside of the garment is made from sherpa fleece, while the outside is made from so-called Toastytek™ flannel fleece. I'm unsure what specific properties Toastytek has that necessitate a "™" after its name, but I don't particularly care — it's comfy.

Oodies are also well known for their variety of prints. Mine is in a comparatively stylish tie-dye print, but there's also an Avocado Oodie (including one for your dog), a Harry Potter Oodie, a Sloth Oodie, a Minions Oodie, a Looney Tunes Oodie, a Minecraft Oodie — there is truly an Oodie for anyone who has the willingness to wear one.

  • Get up to £30 off in Oodie's Autumn Sale – here

How much are Oodies?

This is where we come to the main obstacle. Oodies cost £89, which is an awful lot of money to spend on something that shouldn't be seen outside the confines of your home.

However, there are a couple of counterpoints to this. The first is that The Oodie currently has a sale on, meaning that the prices of its hooded blankets are currently between £59 and £65. If you can convince your friends and family to get one as well, there are twin packs, family packs and mega packs that take the price down even further.

And while the idea of spending £65 on helping with the cost of living sounds a little counterproductive, there's also the argument that wearing one of these around the house might make you less likely to put your heating on, or at least mean that you don't have to put it ona super high temperature.

And if you don't want to pay the money all at once, The Oodie has Clearpay as a payment option, allowing you to split the cost over four instalments (of course, though, you should always be responsible when using services like this).

Oodie alternatives

If you simply don't want to spend over £50 on a hooded blanket, then we don't blame you; luckily, there are a number of alternatives to the Oodie (although they might not have the quality of the original).

The company's closest competitor seems to be Kudd.ly, whose hooded blanket looks and sounds nearly identical to Oodie's, and even comes with a similar price tag (it's currently on sale for £59). However, Kudd.ly doesn't have as wide a range of designs as Oodie.

There are also a few cheaper options available on the high street, including:

  1. Teddy Fleece Hooded Blanket, £25 from M&S – buy here
  2. Green Sausage Dog Blanket Hoodie, £29.99 from New Look – buy here
  3. Ghophy Wearable Blanket Hoodie, £12.99 from Amazon – buy here

How to wash an Oodie

One of the things I thought when I first unwrapped my Oodie was that it felt like the sort of thing that might get absolutely ruined in the washing machine, but surprisingly they are completely machine washable, as long as you put them on a cool wash (a 40-degree maximum is recommended) with a mild detergent. The only thing you might find annoying is that it takes up a hefty amount of the washing machine drum.

However, once you've washed it you'll have to be patient — The Oodie does not recommend putting its hooded blankets in the tumble dryer.

The verdict: are Oodies worth it?

In short, yes. I probably wouldn't pay the full £89 for an Oodie, but if you can get one in a sale like the one currently on, or convince your family to get one with you and get a bulk discount, then I would advise you to do it.

Black Friday is also around the corner, so there's a good chance you'll be able to save even more when November 25 rolls around.

Wearing one admittedly takes a bit of self-deprecation, but I was wowed by how warm, cosy and high-quality my Oodie was, and I haven't once felt cold since I got mine — putting the heating on hasn't even crossed my mind.

  • Get up to £30 off in Oodie's Autumn Sale – here

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