Pineapple on pizza ‘splitting nation apart’ as nearly 50% of Brits like topping

Pineapple toppings on pizza are splitting the nation apart, according to a new report.

Nearly five in 10 of us love the dish so much can’t get enough of it. But just under four in 10 hate it so much that they won’t touch it and think it’s an abomination of the classic Italian dish.

A fifth don’t care either way and don’t want to get involved in the row, according to the study. Pizza experts have dubbed it the ‘new Marmite’ debate in a nod to the love-it-or-hate-it sandwich spread.

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The anti-pineapple brigade said they take the issue so seriously that one in eight would never date anyone who eats the tropical delicacy on their pizza, according to research by Pizza Express. And even though overall we use a round cutter or a knife to cut our pizzas, some youngsters admitted they now controversially use scissors as it’s easier and quicker.

Most Brits said they use a cutter or knife to cut their pizza, but one in ten lunatics use scissors. The number rose to one in five among those aged 18 to 34. Pizza experts said the trend – which is being led by GenZ and younger Millennials – will only grow.

They went on to add that it is common in Italy for chefs to use scissors. The study also showed that we are a nation of pizza crust lovers as more than half of us declared we never leave a crust behind. Another third admitted that cold leftover pizza is the greatest breakfast treat, putting our full English to shame.

Paula Mackenzie, boss at Pizza Express, said: “Is pineapple on a pizza a culinary classic or culinary crime? Not many foods divide Brits as dramatically.

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"Perhaps Marmite is the only other one – where some people absolutely love it and others hate it. Pineapple on a pizza is very common on menus here in the UK, the US and Australia. But you won’t see it in Italy.

“The eagle-eyed Pizza Express fans will notice we don’t have it on our menu in restaurants but you can get Hawaiian in supermarkets and Hot Hawaiian on delivery. And insider tip… you can order a Hot Hawaiian off menu in our restaurants too.”

Let us know your thoughts on pineapple on pizza in the comments – do you love it or loathe it?

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