Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Reportedly Spending $3.8 Million To Renovate New Home, Frogmore Cottage

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are moving and their new digs will reportedly cost $3.8 million to renovate. Us Weekly reports that the royal couple is trying to make sure that their new home, Frogmore Cottage, is move-in ready in time for the arrival of their first baby which is expected in spring. She and Harry currently live in Nottingham Cottage, which was Prince Harry’s “bachelor pad” before Meghan moved in.

Frogmore Cottage was a wedding gift to the Sussexes from Queen Elizabeth. The Times reports that it’s currently divided into apartments so it needs some work to be turned into a home fit for a family. According to the Times, one of the renovations will be the addition of a “green energy unit” which will supply heat.

The Express reports that the duke and duchess also plan to add a floating floor, plus some fireplaces and staircases. According to the Express, architects working on the project have to follow special rules to preserve the historical sanctity of the structure.

Built in the 17th century, Frogmore cottage is located in Windsor and is near the chapel where Meghan and Harry got married last year. The land where the home is located has been owned by the royal family since the 16th century.

Duchess Meghan has reportedly been very involved in planning the renovations of her new home.

“She has been corresponding with the planning team regularly as to what she wants,” a source told the Mirror, as reported by the Express.

One of the big concerns has been the security of the location. Frogmore is a country house outside but it will probably see a lot more activity from the press and royal fans when Meghan and Harry move in.

“Security procedures are also to be tightened up at the site and it is being made secure ahead of the royal arrivals,” the source added.

“Once the work has finished, Frogmore Cottage will be a fantastic family home fit for the Duke and Duchess but it will be like Fort Knox.”

The British taxpayer will be footing the bill for most of the renovations thanks to the Sovereign Grant, which is a fund dedicated to paying for the Queen’s expenses and the maintenance of royal properties. Harry and Meghan will be paying for some of it though. The Express reports that they’ll be responsible for the cost of the fittings and fixtures.

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