Prince Harry ‘mirrors’ Meghan now ‘all eyes on them – expert claims

Harry jokes about taking Meghan on ‘date night’

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Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex received the Ripple of Hope Award at a gala thrown by the Robert F Kennedy Human Rights (RFKHR) organisation on Tuesday night. Dressed up to the nines, the couple smiled as they posed for pictures and laughed when they appeared together for an interview on stage.

Body language expert Darren Stanton said on behalf of Betfair Casino how “relaxed” Harry and Meghan appeared. 

He added: “The two seem to have had a dramatic shift in their relationship in recent months – previously we have seen Harry looking uncomfortable in interviews where he was being interviewed alongside Meghan.

“He would display masking smiles, fake smiles which hide any true emotions that a person is feeling in that moment.

“Harry, however, seems to be more relaxed when in the spotlight with Meghan and in New York, his emotions appeared to be completely genuine.”


The body language expert also noted how Harry and Meghan appear to be more “tactile”, drawing comparisons to Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales’ recent body language.

Darren explained: “His whole face was engaged, his eyes were sparkling and we saw lines at the side of his eyes – a tell-tale sign of genuine happiness.

“It’s clear Harry thoroughly enjoyed himself and was having a great time.

“He and Meghan also seem to be a lot more tactile and in a more natural manner, like William and Kate.

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“Harry previously hasn’t always been as comfortable engaging in public displays of affection with his wife Meghan, but it seems he has developed enough confidence to increase his level of reciprocal liking – displayed by prolonged eye contact, tactileness and matching and mirroring – with his wife when in public.

“His appearance with Meghan suggests the couple have grown closer at a time when all eyes are most definitely on them.”

According to the RFKHR, recipients of the Ripple of Hope Award are those who have demonstrated “an unwavering commitment to social change and worked to protect and advance equity, justice, and human rights”.

During the ceremony, the Sussexes announced a new collaboration between their foundation The Archewell Foundation and the RFKHR, named the Archewell Foundation Award for Gender Equity in Student Film.

The Duke and Duchess said in a statement: “Our hope with this award is to inspire a new generation of leadership in the arts, where diverse up-and-coming talent have a platform to have their voices heard and their stories told.

“The values of RFK Foundation and The Archewell Foundation are aligned in our shared belief of courage over fear, and love over hate.

“Together we know that a ripple of hope can turn into a wave of change.”

The couple’s NYC outing came just two days before their bombshell documentary series was due to drop on Netflix.

The trailers released so far for ‘Harry & Meghan’ have sparked significant debate, and it is thought Buckingham Palace is bracing for the impact of more possible accusations from the ex-royals.

Harry noted in a trailer that there is a “hierarchy in the family”, a “dirty game”, and he declared that “we know the full truth”.

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