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THERE are numerous Android phones on the market, and a wide choice of cost-conscious alternatives.

In our Samsung Galaxy A14 versus Google Pixel 6a explainer, we look at how these two budget-friendly mobiles compare in specs, price, design, battery life and features.

  • Samsung Galaxy A14, £138.49 (was £179) from Amazon – buy here
  • Google Pixel 6a, £299 (was £399) from Amazon – buy here

After a quick look around, Android devices make up around 70% of all phones bought, meaning there's an absolutely huge range to choose from, so understanding what each one offers can be extremely difficult.

However, Samsung and Google are definitely a couple of the largest names on Team Android, so when it comes to affordable alternatives, you're usually in safe hands, and it's definitely worth reading on to see how they hold up against one another before you make a decision.

Camera quality, features, design and prices will all be under scrutiny to help you make the most informed decision possible.


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Samsung Galaxy A14 vs Google Pixel 6a: At a glance


Since the phones are created by different companies, similarities are hard to come by as Android producers work hard to make them stand out and, as such, have taken different approaches with almost all aspects.

One similarity is the operating system they both run on. If you've been a long-time Android user, you'll be happy to know they both run on the Android OS, so you won't need to waste time adjusting when you pick up either.

They also both come with dual rear cameras and front cameras, so be selfies or memorable events, you'll be well-equipped to snap the shot.

Both screens are FHD+ displays, providing you with vibrant playback for your cherished videos.


Despite being Android devices, there are more than enough differences to make picking one over the other more worthwhile, as they do feel like completely different devices.

Looking at the displays, the Samsung A14 beats the Pixel in terms of size as its 6.6 inches compared to the Pixel at 6.1. Both are ample for streaming on the go, however.

Google focuses slightly more on security with its Titan M2 chip, it adds an extra layer of security on top of your pins and passcodes to ensure your private data stays private.

Samsung Galaxy A14 vs Google Pixel 6a: Camera

Camera quality is often one of the more important aspects of a phone when people consider which handset to pick.

You'll adore the cameras on both smartphones, whether it's for the odd recollection you want to remember or the expert photographer of the group trying to get the best shots to upload later.

The A14 has three cameras at the back, a 5-megapixel ultra-wide a 50-megapixel main camera and a 2-megapixel macro camera. So be it that perfect shot of the landscape, an up-close of a flower or today's fit pick, you're more than equipped for the job.

In contrast, the Pixel only has 2 rear cameras, a 12.2-megapixel wide camera and a 12-megapixel ultrawide camera, so while you'll still be able to grab some great photos, it is worth taking into account the differences depending on how often you shoot a pic.

Samsung Galaxy A14 vs Google Pixel 6a: Design

Design is another clear difference between the two devices that may be a deciding factor for you.

The A14 allows more of a personal touch to your device as it has a sleek, fundamental design that you can get in black, light green, silver and dark red.

The Pixel's design is more simplified, focusing more on the functionality of the device. That doesn't mean you can't add a splash of colour, though, since you can pick it up in charcoal, chalk or sage.

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Samsung Galaxy A14 vs Google Pixel 6a: Features

Both devices come with numerous features to better assist you in your day to day activities.

When it comes to the Pixel you get some fancy functions from Google.

The Pixel can translate languages in real time with the live translate app, you can chat in 11 languages, interpret face-to-face conversations and translate signs right from your Pixel so if you're fond of chasing the sun abroad it becomes the perfect travel companion.

The A14 focuses more on providing you with enough space to enjoy the things you love and the wide 6.6-inch FHD+ display does exactly that, so if you think you'll be using your phone more on your travels and want to avoid strain Samsung could be the answer.

Samsung Galaxy A14 vs Google Pixel 6a: Battery

Android devices have become well known for providing large batteries that last you all day and its no different with the 6a and A14.

Google promises an adaptive battery that can last over 24 hours and goes even further by learning what apps you use the most so it does not waste power elsewhere.

The A14 on the other hand is built with a 5,000mAh battery, the largest in any of the Galaxy devices and also promises all day battery life.

Samsung Galaxy A14 vs Google Pixel 6a: Price

As expected while both devices are the respective companies answer to more affordable variants they do come with differing price tags.

On Amazon the Google Pixel retails for £399 and is the more expensive option, whereas you can pick up the Samsung Galaxy A14 for £179 saving yourself a few quid.

SIM-free handsets

  • Samsung Galaxy A14, £138.49 (was £179) from Amazon – buy here
  • Google Pixel 6a, £299 (was £399) from Amazon – buy here
  • Samsung Galaxy A14 5G, £219 from Samsung – buy here
  • Google Pixel 6a, £299 from the Google store – buy here

Pay-Monthly deals

  • Samsung Galaxy A14 5G, 20GB of data, £0 upfront, £18p/m from Mobile Phones Direct – buy here
  • Pixel 6a 5G, 25GB of data, £0 upfront, £31.04p/m from EE – buy here
  • Pixel 6a, 10GB of data, £0 upfront, £19.99p/m from iD Mobile – buy here
  • Samsung Galaxy A14, 10GB of data, £0upfront, 14.99p/m from iD Mobile – buy here

Samsung Galaxy A14 vs Google Pixel 6a:The verdict

Choose the Galaxy A14 if:

  • You want a higher megapixel rear camera
  • You want larger screen space
  • You want to save a few extra quid

Choose the Pixel 6a if:

  • You travel and want acess to live translate features to aid in communication
  • You want extra security for your personal data
  • You want to get things done fast

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