UK’s top dessert exposed as nation cuts back on drinking and it may surprise you

Waffles have been crowned as the UK's favourite dessert, according to a survey by Heavenly Desserts. The dessert franchise analysed the preferences of over 500,000 customers across 13 cities including Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Coventry, Stratford, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Preston, York, Leeds, Oxford and Walthamstow (London).

Yousif Aslam, managing director of Heavenly Desserts, said: "Dessert dining has become very desirable in Britain, with a spike in dessert lovers across the nation we've added over 12 stores to our franchise over the last year alone."

He was surprised to find that Derby had the most coffee lovers, with seven out of their top 20 orders being coffee-based. Nottingham and Leeds were found to be the biggest chocolate lovers, with Leeds leading the way.

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The average Brit munches on 12% (18,000+) chocolate-based desserts, with Nottingham gobbling up roughly 10% (15,000) out of a total of 147,000 bought across all 13 locations in 2022. Glasgow, however, seems to love choccy the least, with just 2.5% (3,800) of their top 20 chosen desserts being chocolate-based.

]Out of 79,470 desserts with branded toppings including Nutella and Lotus Biscoff purchased nationwide, 29% chose Nutella versus 71% who opted for Lotus Biscoff as a dessert topping. This suggests that the biscuity brand is becoming more popular with dessert lovers.

Folks living in the North of England are unsurprisingly the biggest fans of English Breakfast Tea, with 28% of purchases in York versus just 7% in Edinburgh and even less in the South, including Watford and Oxford.

Also on the menu is Heavenly Desserts' Mexican-inspired 'milk cake' offering. Formed in the early 1900s, the milk cake (also known as torta de tres leches) features a soft and light sponge cake, soaked in a delicately flavoured three-milk syrup. Named the hipster capital of Scotland in 2019, it's no surprise that Edinburgh loves Saffron Milk Cake, one of its all-time favourite desserts.

One thing the entire nation agreed on, however, was its choice to put waffle-based desserts at the top of the table, with over 50% of the nation's Top 20 desserts being waffle-based. Heavenly's 'I'll have what she's having America Waffle' was its first choice, while the 'Nutella

Yousif said: "The low-to-no alcohol lifestyle is having a meteoric spike in popularity at present. As consumers become more health focused and with pressures of the rising cost of living, the ability to enjoy cocktails throughout the day and evening without the negative impact or cost which alcohol has, is allowing people to enjoy themselves while remaining responsible."

Heavenly Desserts released an entire mocktail menu in 2022 due to the rise in demand for low and no alcohol drinks. Searches for 'pornstar martini mocktail' increased 160% in the UK over the last year, leading the team to develop a passion fruit martini iced drink.

Store sales found that Stratford were seen to drink the most mocktails with over a quarter (25.5%) of sales coming from this location. Oxford diners bought the most water making 65% of water purchases out of the 13 city locations.

Following its vegan menu launch in July 2022, over 50,000 vegan orders were made in this category overall with the South of England the majority of vegan orders at 34%.

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