Savvy DIY woman quoted £2,200 for kitchen makeover, so does it herself for £62

A young woman decided to beat the professional’s at their own game today after managing to totally revamp her kitchen with just £62.

The customer service coordinator, Georgina Lee, wanted to change the colour of her kitchen cupboards, but when she sought out a quote was told it would cost her £2,200.

Posting the story to Facebook, some social media users were shocked at the figure.

One wrote: “£2,200?? Was it Leonardo DaVinci who quoted you?”

Another added: “Some of these kitchen painting firms are milking customers…

“They know the units will cost say, five grand to replace so they’ll charge £3,000 for four days work and £100 worth of paint.”

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Georgina, from Kettering, posted before and after pics of what she decided to do instead.

Posting to the group DIY On A Budget UK, the savvy young lady said: “This is my kitchen after painting and wrapping the sides.

“I was quoted £2,200 for someone to paint my cupboards.. .this cost me £62.”

Georgina added: “Still a few bits to finish, handles etc, and I’ve wrapped the plinth since the photo.”

In the snaps, the DIY-painter showed her kitchen in its original state with black counter tops and pale beech wood cupboards.

In the after photos the room is transformed with marble-effect Fablon wrapping used on the counters and black paint on the cupboards.

Fablon of this kind can be purchased in B&Q for £10 per 2.1m reel or Walk at £5 per 2m roll.

Georgina did not specify where or what brand she used for the paint.

Members of the 64,000 strong group fell in love with the kitchen makeover.

One person said: “I wish I could do that, it’s gorgeous Georgina.”

Another wrote: “Wow, amazing.”

“Big Job! Well sone too it looks lovely,” added a third.

A couple of posters had some constructive criticism for the young woman.

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In reference to peeks of beech colour on the sides of the cupboards, one member wrote: “You need to take the doors off and do the edges.”

Clearly many disagreed, though, as they tagged friends and family and begged Georgina to walk them through her process and products.

Wow, what a difference some paint makes.

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