Serena And Venus Williams’ Worth $1.42 Million Childhood Home Puts Up For Auction

Serena and Venus have always had a strong bond.

23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams several times spoke about her relationship with her sisters and how all three of her sisters helped her become the player and woman she is. Williams was a guest on The Goat: Serena episode and host Chanda Rubin read an excerpt from Williams’ 2009 autobiography in which she described her bond with her sisters.

“Yetunde was the forgiver with a heart of gold, Isha was the caretaker who looked after all her sisters. Lyndrea was the ever-ready play pal. I’m not sure as how others saw Venus. But to me she was like a benevolent bodyguard,” Williams wrote.

Both Serena and Venus have entered their forties but they still work hard and push each other. Serena and Venus have always had a strong bond and that will likely never change. “Venus and I worked so hard. Still to this day we work side by side at practice.

According to TMZ Sports, the childhood home of Serena and Venus Williams in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is going up for auction in late September. The house has four bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms and two tennis courts on a 10-plus-acre lot and is estimated to be worth approximately $1.42 million.

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The house, which was built in the 1980s, has fallen into disrepair over the years.

Serena and Venus Williams lived there with their father, Richard, who helped them learn the game of tennis as they grew older. Their journey was chronicled in the movie King Richard, and they went on to become two of the greatest players in tennis history.

Venus and Serena moved to the house as teenagers after Richard purchased the property, which features two tennis courts on its 10+ acre lot. It’s pretty cool. It’s the court where “King Richard” trained his daughters.

Their childhood home also had the memories before they became two of the greatest tennis players and athletes that the world has ever seen.

According to the notice of sale, the house will go to “the highest and best bidder for cash.”

According to Vogue, Serena Williams has been the focus of the tennis world of late in August that she was “evolving away from tennis, toward other things that are important to me.”

However, she pointed to Tom Brady’s decision to retire and then unretire during an appearance on Good Morning America and suggested her tennis career may not be done.

“I mean, you never know,” she said (h/t ESPN). “I’ve just been saying that I think Tom Brady started a really cool trend.”

The home where a 23-time Grand Slam champion honed her game before she became one of the most famous tennis players in history is expected to sell for an impressive sum.

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