Shopper left fuming over MOULDY Aldi Easter egg

Choc horror! Shoppers left fuming over ‘disappointing’ supermarket Easter eggs – including a MOULDY Aldi offering

  • Angry shoppers have blasted Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Aldi on Twitter
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Angry shoppers have blasted Aldi, Tesco and Sainsbury’s over their ‘disappointing’ chocolate Easter eggs.

Over the weekend, an outraged Aldi shopper, from the UK, blasted the brand on Twitter after discovering their milk chocolate treat had gone mouldy. 

Urging other shoppers to check their chocolate carefully, the social media user shared a photo of them holding up their rocky road flavoured egg.

According to the product description, the egg – which is made by Aldi brand Choceur – is ‘loaded’ with bits of marshmallow, honeycomb and pieces of pretzel.

As the cardboard box had a plastic window on the front, the shopper was able to see the pretty pink chocolate ‘drizzle’ on top of the egg when they purchased it.

The outraged Aldi shopper, from the UK, blasted the brand on Twitter after discovering their milk chocolate treat had gone mouldy

But after opening the box at the weekend, the shopper was horrified to see the  chocolate at the bottom of the egg had gone mouldy. 

They fumed: ‘Mouldy Easter egg from Aldi. Make sure you check yours.’

After tagging the brand in the tweet, Aldi UK reassured the shopper that they are happy to give them their money. 

They responded: ‘Sorry to see this, please feel free to return the packaging and receipt to store for a full refund at your next convenience.’ 

A spokesperson told Femail: ‘Although very rare, incidents like this can occasionally occur if packaging is damaged at any point before the product is consumed. 

‘We have apologised to [the customer] and offered him a full refund.’

What’s more, another shopper was frustrated to find their Tesco Easter egg looked nothing like how it had been advertised on the box.

The Twitter user had purchased the Cluckie the White Choc Chick – which doesn’t contain milk, wheat or gluten – from Tesco’s Free From range.

A Tesco shopper blasted the brand after discovering a fault with their milk-free white chocolate Easter egg

The furious customer shared a photo of what the sweet treat was supposed to look like with their Twitter followers

They then tagged the brand on Twitter to find out what had happened to their Easter egg from the brand’s Free From range

Yesterday, the shopper was furious to find their chocolate chick appears to have been squished during production. 

Sharing a picture on Twitter, they fumed: ‘Thanks Tesco. Really looking forward to eating my only egg…’ 

A spokesperson for Tesco told Femail: ‘We’re sorry to hear about this. 

‘If a customer is not satisfied with a product, they can always return it to us for a full refund.’ 

Meanwhile, two customers blasted Sainsbury’s after discovering a fault with their £3.50 Belgian Milk Chocolate eggs.


A third shopper was furious over their ‘disappointing’ £3.50 milk chocolate Easter egg from Sainsbury’s

However, another shopper saw the funny side and joked that the shape made it more ‘convenient’ to eat

Having cracked open their boxes, the shoppers were baffled to find that the hollow eggs seemed to have collapsed in on themselves during production – leaving a hole in the middle. 

‘How disappointing,’ one said. ‘Just opened my Easter egg from my husband to find this!’ 

However, the second shopper was left equally baffled – but was determined to see the funny side.

Tagging the brand, they added: ‘Just opened my Easter egg… don’t know what happened to it but I have to say it is more convenient to eat this way…’ 

The brand then responded: ‘Sorry for the damaged Easter egg. Can you DM us with the full name, address, postcode and email on the account? I’ll look into this for you.’

Femail has approached Sainsbury’s for additional comment. 

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