Simple method removes dirt and dandruff from hairbrushes in minutes

Hairbrushes are a staple tool for many people, often used multiple times a day. Consequently, they can get a little “nasty” over time.

Your hairbrush is there to make your locks feel luscious and sleek, but a filthy hairbrush won’t do the trick.

Welcome to Clean My Space is a YouTube channel by Melissa Maker and her husband Chad Reynolds. Together they teach people how to “clean better, faster and get great results in the least amount of time”.

In a video entitled How to Clean Your Hairbrush (A Minute to Clean), the experts shared how cleaning enthusiasts can get this chore done in no time at all to give their hair the best chance at looking fab.

One video caption read: “A hairbrush can get pretty nasty – dust, oil, hair product, dandruff, dirt, odours. Fortunately, they are pretty easy to clean.”

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You will need your hairbrush, a pen, a pair of scissors and a (spare) toothbrush. Also grab a bowl and some shampoo.

Clean My Space instructed hairbrush users to firstly run a pen up the middle of the hairbrush. This should dislodge old hair from the bristles.

Next, take your scissors and cut the hair down the middle, before pulling all the hair out.

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Add warm water to a large bowl and add shampoo, mixing it in. 

Swirl the toothbrush in the sudsy water and scrub the hairbrush with the toothbrush for a few minutes.

Use a clean cloth to dry the hairbrush and “ta-da”, the task is complete in no time at all.

Clean My Space’s over two million subscribers loved the easy cleaning tip. @sarahbaldwin4775 commented: “This sure beats my method: rip out most of the hair with my hands, then spend an hour (or two) with a pair of tweezers, plucking out the lint and remaining hair. I’ll definitely give this a try!”

@quirogatnonerrat3214 added: “Wonderful! I do this like once a week or even more often, depends on what products I used on my hair that week and it works! Easy and simple. Thank you!”

@AnneloesF agreed: “Thank you! That worked perfectly and it only took about five minutes (incl. getting the tools together). Great tip!”

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