Take this chocolate bar quiz to see if you can get full marks

Do YOU know your chocolate bars? Try our quiz to see if you can spot popular snack brands WITHOUT their wrapper

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Whether you have had a bad day, need a sugar kick or just fancy a cheeky treat, the trusted chocolate bar never fails to deliver as a supreme snack. 

Arguments across the land are had every day concerning which chocolate bar is the best. Is it the classically simple Dairy Milk? The nutty taste of a Snickers? 

Whatever individual preferences may be, many people take themselves to be a chocolate expert.

So, can YOU tell a Snickers apart from a Lion bar? Put your skills to the test and take on our chocolate-themed quiz below. 

1. Can you guess which chunky chocolate bar this is? 

2. Which bar is this? 

3. Now for something a bit more straightforward

4. Which twirly bar is this? 

5. Can you name this crunchy delight? 

6. Which tasty treat is this? 

7. Name this classic confectionery item.

8. What is the name of this bar? 

9. Can you get this? 

10. Guess this one. 

11. Which popular bar is this? 

12. Which is this solid choice?

13. What chunky bar is this? 

14. Another wafer-style bar, but which one is it? 

15. Guess this crunchy bar? 

16. The penultimate question: what is this bar?

17. To finish on 100%, see if you can guess this

Here are the answers… how many did YOU guess correctly?

1. Lion

2. Snickers

3. Flake

4. Milkyway Crispy Rolls

5. Daim

6. Time Out

7. Mars

8. Bounty

9. Turkish Delight

10. Dairy Milk

11. Aero

12. Wispa

13. Boost

14. Caramel

15. Double Decker

16. Crunchie

17. Toffee Crisp

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