The Kevin Hart Way: The Comedians 10 Rules To Achieve Success

Kevin Darnell Hart, born in Philadelphia, had a rough childhood growing up. His father was a drug addict spending time in jail and his mother Nancy raised him over the years. He used humor as a coping mechanism to forget about his troubled family life. It was then Hart realized that he was talented and could pursue a career in that field. He worked as a shoe salesman while pursuing college before he began his career as a stand-up comedian. Initially, he performed under the name Lil Kev which didn’t land him success. He found a mentor in Keith Robinson, who helped establish his identity and perform at comedy tours worldwide. After several hit comedy specials and multi-million dollar grossing box-office hits later, Kevin Hart is a seasoned actor and comedian.

His successful stints of television, movies, and brand endorsements have amassed him a $200 million net worth. Coming from a struggling background, Hart has had a lot of learning throughout his career. Let’s take a look at the rules Kevin Hart follows to achieve success.

10 Try New Things With Confidence

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Not many people know that Hart used to have a career in stripping before venturing into comedy. The actor decided to earn extra cash at strip clubs however, it didn’t work, as noted by USA Today. When tensions arose in the house, he decided to quit. One of his co-workers suggested he enter the world of stand-up, which ultimately changed his life.

9 Follow One’s Instincts

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Hart believes there is no room for doubters in a conversation. A person shouldn’t seek external approval when there is internal approval from the self. If the goal is pursued with dedication, it is important to ignore the naysayers. That is exactly what Hart did when he worked at a sporting goods store where people told him he had a promising career. He quit his job because he believed in his abilities.

8 Know Your Finances

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One of the most important aspects of any artist’s career is to take control of the finances. When Hart had the opportunity to speak to Bay Area High School students in March 2020, he shared his serious insights. As reported by ABC 7 News, he detailed how he had no idea about managing his money after earning big paychecks. He ended up with debt before learning to save for the future.

7 Hard Work Always Pays

Kevin Hart is always working. There hasn’t been a time when the actor/comedian isn’t seen promoting his work or shooting something. Hart refuses to relax. It is important not to get comfortable at a spot. He believes that it is vital to reach the ceiling and raise it. It is important to reach the finish line to success rather than turning back around.

6 Conquer Self-Doubt

Everyone has self-doubts. At the beginning of his career, he struggled to get laughs and auditions. Additionally, Hart is 5’2, a lot shorter than other comedians, which didn’t help. Hart used the moments of insecurity to propel himself forward rather than embrace them. Today, no matter how many funny jabs are thrown his way, he takes a good laugh.

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5 Follow Everyday Habits

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As per reports, waking up and putting energy into himself is essential to Kevin. He starts every day with a workout routine, which is a means of self-improvement for him. He believes that investing in the present and fueling the future, as noted by Lewis Howes. The future can only be bright if a person is willing to work into it every day and #HustleHart.

4 Invest In Himself

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Hart didn’t invest money into his work until his 2011 documentary Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain. He invested $700,000 and earned $9 million. He concluded that investing in himself was worth the risk if he valued the work he did and believed that people would watch and enjoy his efforts to make something.

3 Embrace Failure

Hollywood is unpredictable. Success is never guaranteed. Hart went through the same during his initial years when he was unsuccessful in landing bigger projects and had to make smaller appearances on movies and TV shows. He accepted the failures, worked hard, and had a bit of luck to make success happen.

2 Slow Down And Value Life

A life-altering moment occurred in Hart’s life in 2019 when he met with a car crash. He went through back surgery and completed a two-week rehab. As mentioned by US Weekly, he took a break from his career and went into a complete recovery. He documented his journey on Instagram and knew how vital it was to appreciate life and value family more than anything else.

1 Surrounding Oneself With Greatness

Kevin Hart makes good friends. Two of his famous friendships are with Nick Cannon and Dwayne Johnson. While the actors do pranks and make fun of each other publicly, he ensures that his friends always motivate him to do better. By being around people who work hard, he finds it within himself to do better.

Kevin Hart is everywhere. Performing stand-up, talk shows, podcasts, movies, and even television shows. He knows a thing or two about hustling, and his rules of success are a clear example of how success can only be achieved by embracing failures, and there is no shortcut in life to come out on top.

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