This £15 thermal curtain reduces heat loss by 25 percent

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As the cost of living surges across the UK, Brits are searching for ways to stay warm on the cheap. Fortunately, there’s a simple household trick Brits can use to save money on energy bills.

Keep your home warm without increasing bills by switching to thermal curtains in the home. Helping to reduce heat loss by 25 percent, Amazon shoppers are obsessed with this pair that come in 20 sizes and 26 colours to suit any home. On sale for now 34 percent off.

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Brits are eagerly looking for ways to save money on heating at home and last week searches for ‘how to keep warm’ on Google rose by 222 percent.

Now is the perfect time to prepare for the colder months ahead and there’s a simple household switch that can help reduce heat loss.

Thermal curtains help to trap the cold air between your window and curtain, stopping heat from disappearing by blocking drafts entering the home.

According to research from Bed Kingdom, it can help reduce heat loss by up to 25 percent and Amazon shoppers are praising a pair of curtains that are now on sale.

Curtains must be closed to stay effective, but with daylight savings getting shorter, this won’t be a problem in winter.

Plus, when it’s sunny open up your curtains to let sunlight warm rooms for free.

Researchers from the University of Salford also say that drawing curtains at sunset can reduce heat loss by around 15 to 17 percent.

Amazon shoppers love using the Deconovo Blackout Curtains to reduce savings and it’s currently less than £20 with this limited time offer.

Available in 20 sizes to suit all homes and with 26 colours to pick from, the Deconovo Blackout Curtains will block our light and keep heat thanks to its thermal insulation.

Adding these curtains to the bedroom will help reduce energy bills by keeping light out to cool homes in summer, and keep the cold out during the winter.

Easy to care for and super soft, it’s now on sale for £15.88 from £23.99, saving £8.11 off its original price.

Amazon shoppers love it and there are over 47,000 reviews.

Susan Healey wrote: “The curtains are lovely quality and completely block out any light also they keep the room warm, great value all round.”

S.Kashyap added: “Quality curtains on a budget! Theyre extremely lightweight so they don’t put any pressure on the curtain pole but blackout so much light too! I’d highly recommend!”

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