Trinny Woodalls favourite silk eye mask prevents ageing and hair damage

We all know how important a good bedtime routine is to getting a proper night's rest, and for many of us that includes wearing an eye mask whilst you sleep.

Great for blocking out extra light and letting your body naturally switch off, eye masks are fantastic for helping enhance your sleep, but they can also cause damage to your hair when worn night after night, not to mention absorb your serums and moisturisers making them less effective.

However, you can always count on celebs to find a solution to beauty problems, and the Drowsy Silk Sleep Mask, £69 here, comes highly recommended by beauty guruTrinny Woodall, and counts celebs likeVogue Williams,Sophie Habbooand Winnie Harlow amongst its fans.

Made from 100% 22-momme silk, the Drowsy Sleep Co mask not only completely blocks out the light, allowing you to sleep in total darkness, but it also improves your skin and haircare routines too.

Silk isn’t as absorbent as other fabrics, which means you can wear it after you’ve applied your nighttime skincare products without worrying about them rubbing off onto your eye mask, leaving them to properly work their magic overnight.

It also allows your skin to stay more hydrated as you sleep, helping it to continue looking plump and youthful and keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

Trinny previously took to her Instagram to discuss the “perfect ingredients for a good night’s sleep” and shared that the Drowsy Silk Sleep Mask, £69 here, was one of her bedtime essentials, adding: "I love it. It's from Drowsy, you put it on and you just have nowhere where you're going to get marks around your face. I just have a phenomenal night's sleep."

Vogue Williams also said: “This sleep mask is like someone is hugging your face, I cannot describe how amazing it is.”

The wide, cushioned mask is breathable and hypoallergenic, and it has adjustable head straps that don’t dig in or cause pulling or friction on your hair so it can help minimise the damage to your hair when you wear it each night.

If you want to give your hair an even bigger boost of nighttime care, a silk pillowcase is perfect for reducing friction thanks to its smooth surface, which in turn helps prevent damage and split ends, leaving your hair looking smoother and shinier.

Drowsy does its own Queen Size Silk Pillowcase, £67 here (was £89), with all colours currently reduced on the Drowsy website, whilst Marks and Spencer does its very own Pure Silk Pillowcase, £30 here, in a whole host of colours to match your bedding.

For the ultimate luxurious sleep experience, Jane Darcy's Luxury Silk Sleep Set, £133.22 here, contains both a silk pillowcase and cushioned eyemask, as well three silk scrunchies all made from 100% mulberry silk, and a natural soy wax candle, so you can create the most luxurious relaxing bedtime routine imaginable.

Younger, more hydrated skin and stronger, healthier hair, all without having to lift a finger? That’s our kind of beauty secret.

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