We Did A Deep Dive On Victoria F. & Chase Rice’s Relationship So You Don’t Have To

Save for an impressive runway strut, Bachelor contestant Victoria F. has mostly flown under the radar this season, but a promo for the Jan. 27 episode shows that’s about to change. Victoria is set to go on a one-on-one with Peter — which includes a performance from her musician ex, Chase Rice. Victoria seems to burst into tears and walk off after telling Peter the truth about the situation, but it’s honestly not clear when Victoria F. and Chase Rice dated, how long they dated, or why they parted ways. Here’s everything we could gather from an intensive internet deep dive.

September 2019

There’s virtually no digital trace of Victoria and Rice dating, but they would have to have been together before September of last year. That’s when The Bachelor started filming, based on a tweet from Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss on Sept. 19.

November 2019

In November, Rice told People at the CMA awards that the Bachelor producers had tapped him to perform a few songs on Season 24, and he agreed to it after fellow musicians Dan + Shay told him it was a good opportunity to promo more music.

The way Rice talks, it doesn’t seem like he was aware Victoria was on the show until after he had already agreed to perform.

"There was an extracurricular activity that I wasn’t expecting," he told People. "I was involved, and I was involved more than I wanted to be involved with. That will be coming out I’m sure in January." At the time, he simply said that he "knew some contestants on the show" prior to taping.

According to The Morning Toast, Rice also said at the CMAs that there is definitely "no love triangle" happening between him, Victoria, and Peter Weber, further implying that whatever relationship the two had, it’s now long over. This conflicts with Bachelor blogger Reality Steve’s claims that Victoria "went to see [Rice] the weekend before leaving for filming in North Carolina" and that she had told Rice she was going on the show.

This is an unconfirmed report, but if Victoria and Rice were still hashing out their relationship right before The Bachelor started filming, it would possibly explain why Victoria suddenly breaks down and walks away from Peter while saying, "I can’t do this."

Regardless of when everything went down between Victoria and her ex, we know there’s plenty of drama in store for Victoria in the coming weeks.

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