What is the viking toast recipe and calorie count?

Viking toast is already the hit snack of 2023! Viral 300-calorie recipe from Pinch of Nom sends dieters wild

  • A new recipe for a breakfast dish that resembles Welsh rarebit has gone viral
  • The Pinch of Nom recipe has been tried out by amateur cooks who love it
  • People have hailed the low calorie recipe which is quick and cheap to make
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As life goes back to normal at the beginning of a new year, lots of people might be looking for ways to cut down after indulging during the Christmas period.

And for those looking to shed a few pounds, there is one breakfast recipe taking the internet by storm – Viking toast.

The recipe, featured in a Pinch of Nom cookbook, has sent people wild as they scramble to make their own version of the dish which contains fewer than 300 calories, sharing their own attempts on Facebook. 

The Welsh rarebit-like breakfast recipe, which is inspired by another punchy Pinch of Nom dish called Viking pork, is similar to cheese on toast – but a much lighter and, according to amateur cooks, more flavourful version.

Dieters and amateur cooks have gone wild for Viking toast (pictured) after the breakfast recipe appeared in the Pinch of Nom cookbook

Members of weight loss groups on Facebook have hailed the dish ‘so yummy’ and claim it is now in their repertoire of go-to recipes. 

But what exactly is Viking toast, and how do you make it?

The dish is essentially a lower-calorie spin on the much-loved Welsh rarebit, which is a delicious yet calorific breakfast treat for cheese lovers.

The name of the recipe has been inspired by the Pinch of Nom viking pork dish, which also contains similar ingredients.

According to the recipe book’s website, it’s not known why combinations of these ingredients are referred to as ‘viking’ – however the founders Kay and Kate believe it might have something to do with the bold flavours.

Viking toast, from the Pinch of Nom cookbook, takes just minutes to make and contains fewer than 300 calories

What ingredients are in viking toast? 

To make viking toast, you will need:

  • Cheddar cheese
  • Semi-skimmed milk
  • Bread
  • Eggs
  • Onion
  • Worcestershire sauce  

But in a healthier version of the dish, Viking toast combines a smaller amount of cheese with cooked onion and other ingredients such as semi-skimmed milk to make a similarly delicious alternative.

As amateur cooks hail the low calorie content of the dish, they have also noted it couldn’t be easier to make – and can be cooked in less than 20 minutes.

The only cooking involved is a little bit of frying and a few minutes under the grill. 

Manchester Evening News tried out the recipe for Viking toast to see if it really was as simple and delicious as people were saying – and they were impressed with the results.

Although the base of the recipe requires a specific type of bread, the reporter testing the dish used farmhouse style bread, which they said was the perfect crunchy base.

In an attempt to capitalise on the ‘new year, new me’ mentality, the reporter hoped the low-calorie breakfast would be enough to fill them up until lunch – and they claimed it absolutely did the job.

They added it was cheap and easy to make, which perhaps explains why it’s so popular.

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