Woman accidentally ends up in number one sex club while on holiday

A woman 'accidentally' ended up in the 'number one' sex club while on holiday.

Kyra Brown decided to jet off to Germany's capital city, Berlin.

Known for its extravagant fashion and clubbing scene, it is not uncommon to witness some outlandish outfits on a night out.

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After lining up with some scantily clad punters for a venue, Kyra did not realise what she was getting herself into.

In a TikTok clip which racked up thousands of views, Kyra explained the story behind her night that was wilder than intended.

"One thing about me was when I was in Berlin I tried to go to a club but they are never hard to get in so my friend group all split up and went in separate Ubers", she explained.

"We got there and we got in line."

Along with three friends, Kyra stood in line while her other mates messaged to say they were already in the club.

Kyra and co rejoiced at the news as they felt confident they would also get in – however this meant they dismissed a lot of 'red flags'.

She recalled: "So we get into the line and get up to the front. The people in the line are dressed kind of weird but we are like 'it's Berlin people dress kinda weird here, we're just in jeans but whatever it's cool'."

When they reached the front of the queue a bouncer told them that they couldn't wear jeans.

But Kyra questioned this as her mates, who she thought were already inside, were rocking the denim trousers also. The bouncer checked if the group had something else to wear and they said that they did – although this was not the case.

"We got to the coat check and they told us to take our pants [trousers] off", Kyra said.

Thinking they just didn't meet the requirements of the dress code, Kyra and her friends took their jeans off.

Standing in just their undies and tops the group decided to enter the club.

"None of us thought this was weird at all. So we go inside the club in literal thongs and shirts.

"As we get in side people are dressed like very BDSM, we were like 'ok whatever are friends are already in there having fun, right?'.

"So we walked further into the club and we don't see our friends, not a sight of them."

Kyra was about to realise this was no bog-standard boozy club…

"Instead we see some people having sexual intercourse", she revealed.

Not batting an eyelid at the thought her mates were somewhere in the venue, the pals continued to walk through the club.

She continued: "We keep walking further into the club and the further we get in we see this is really f***ing weird and definitely not the club that our friends are inside [of].

"I look up at the wall and I see the word 'KitKat'."

But this KitKat was not the much loved chocolate wafer bar.

"Something in my brain remembers from the musical cabaret that it is the number one sex club in Berlin", Kyra admitted.

"Holy sh** we are at the number one sex club in Berlin.

"How did we get in?"

After realising that the other part of the group were not at the sex club, Kyra and her mates decided to stay for the rest of the night as she 'only lives once'.


"So that's the time I went to a sex club in Berlin by accident", she grinned as she stuck her thumb up.

Left in stitches at the accidental raunchy holiday tale, many people fled to the comments to share their thoughts.

One person commented: "Haha I'm glad you got to experience the scene. Even if it was accidental."

Another user questioned: "You lost me at not thinking it was weird to have no pants, y’all knew."

While a third voiced: "This is HILARIOUS."

Someone else chuckled: "Can’t get past the bit where ye didn’t find anything weird about checking your pants in. Creased laughing here."

Meanwhile, a fifth praised: "ICONIC."


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