Woman has tattoo fail with dog paw inking – as people see something different

A woman got herself a unique upside-down tattoo of her dog's paw – but has only just realised people have been mistaking it for another animal.

Abi, from Ontario in Canada, was left speechless when her aunt asked why she got a tattoo of a hedgehog.

Calling it a tattoo fail, she asked on TikTok if viewers had the same thoughts of her relative.

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The 21-year-old, who works as a photographer, explained: "I actually got a tattoo on my arm facing me because I want to be able to look at them.

"One day I went over to my aunt's house and she was staring at my arm for a really long time, and she eventually asked me why I got a tattoo of a hedgehog.

"But I didn't, it's my dog's paw." The camera showed her point of view when she looked at the tattoo and it does show a clearer fluffy paw print with black spots around.

"But apparently if I turn it around, it looks like a horrible, horrible hedgehog," she added.

Viewers commented and said they can see the hedgedog reference, but they disagreed with Abi on one thing.

"It's not horrible, it's pretty cute to be honest," one said and another wrote: "No…it's an adorable hedgedog!"

Abi told Daily Star that the life-size paw print was from her dog, Bear, when he was a puppy.

She said: "He's a Great Pyrenees mixed with Maremma, he had the coolest patterns so I took a picture and brought it to my tattoo artist.

"I was shocked because no one had ever said [the tattoo looked like a hedgehog] and I've never seen it that way myself.

"Then I got to think, how many people or strangers have seen my tattoo and thought it was a hedgehog and just never said anything about it.

"Another person commented saying it looks like a gorillas backside but I can’t see that."

The reason why Abi loves the upside-down tattoo so much is the spots on the paw print.

"Bear is much bigger now and his paws have grown so much, the spots on his paw are gone and he just has pure black colour, so I'm glad I got it down with his unique patterns.

"I definitely don't want to change anything about it. I love that it's unique and it's almost like I have a reversible tattoo or a 2-in-1 tattoo!"


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