Woman looks so much like Jim Carrey that people think she’s a fake made from AI

A woman who went viral due to her uncanny similarity to actor Jim Carrey has been forced to proved to fans that she's not a "deepfake".

Heather Shaw, dubbed the "female Jim Carrey", also possesses a similar trait to the Hollywood actor and works as a standup comedian.

In her TikTok videos, she mimics the grins and speech tones – leaving some questioning if she is the actor's sister.

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"It is kind of ironic that I have this face and I always want to be a comedian since I was a kid, you know," she said.

"Like, what else am I gonna do? Imagine if I was a doctor with this face, you know, just walking in like…'Bad news! It's cancer! Good luck!'."

In her recent post, Heather mentioned one common question from fans.

She said: "I've been getting a lot of messages that people are convinced the Jim Carrey I'm doing is a deepfake.

"It's not a deepfake, it's not a filter, you know. There is no filter going on."

Then she pulls the funny faces and speaks in a deeper tone, asking: "What if this entire time is deepfake, like 'yeah, just get the Jim Carrey filter'."

Zooming onto her neck to further prove she is not a deepfake, she says: "Look, real veins! Real veins, real chipped tooth, not a deepfake."

Fans were relieved, with one saying: "You're hysterical, seriously if Jim Carrey doesn't do Ace Ventura 3, you most definitely could take over the part. 100%."

Another added: "Oh I just love you! And never for one minute thought you had a filter."

"This just proves even more how much you really do look like Jim," a third penned and a fourth chimed in: "It'd be so hilarious if you hang out with Jim Carrey, you make me laugh so much."


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