Womans genius method for cleaning floors without dirty mop water

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People who use mops to clean their floors will know how quickly the water can get dirty.

If you have a single bucket that you keep returning to, you will only be spreading the dirt all over the floor.

However, constantly replacing the water and adding in more detergent will cost you a fortune.

With many households still struggling with the cost of living crisis, they will be desperate to use less hot water and cleaning products.

Thankfully, one woman has shared a “mind-blowing” cleaning hack that ensures your floor comes out sparkly clean each time, reports The Mirror.

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Samina Iltaf, who posts cleaning tips and reviews on her TikTok page, @samina_iltaf, to her followers, shared a video where she showed off the savvy trick.

The content creator showed a wide Vileda bucket with a spin function for her mop, which gets rid of the excess water.

Normally, the dirty excess would drop straight down into the bucket, and you would then have to dip your mop back into the now-mucky water.

But instead, she placed a separate bucket with clean water into the wide bucket—essentially separating the dirty from the clean water.

That means when she spins the mop to get rid of the excess dirty water, it stays separate from the clean bucket.

She explained: “Instead of mixing the mop into dirty water after every use I used a small bucket filled with warm clean water and floor cleaner.

“Once the area of the floor is moped nicely, I would then rinse out any dirty water left that I used in the first round.

“I then go onto using the clean water washing the mop ready for round two, then rinsing it clean.

“This becomes less dirty as you can see the results are shown in the video.”

People in the comment section were amazed by Samina’s results, with one person saying: “Brilliant hack!” and another simply saying: “This is GENIUS!”.

A third added: “Makes so much sense”.

Many were wondering why they hadn’t thought of this sooner, with one person saying: “So simple, why have I never thought of this? Will be doing this from now on, off I go to clean my floors.”

“Wow this is amazing,” adding another.

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