Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announces he will give away his £105billion fortune
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    Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has sensationally announced he will be giving away his £105 billion fortune to charities.

    In an interview with CNN, the tycoon said he plans to donate the majority of his net worth to charities during his lifetime, with the bulk of his donations going towards fighting climate change.

    When asked if he intends to donate much of his wealth during his lifetime, Bezos said: "Yeah, I do." However, he said 'it's not easy' to decide where the money will go.

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    Formerly the world's richest man, Bezos said: "The hard part is figuring out how to do it in a levered way."

    Speaking from his home in Washington DC alongside his partner, Lauren Sánchez, Bezos said: "It's not easy. Building Amazon was not easy. It took a lot of hard work, a bunch of very smart teammates, hard-working teammates, and I’m finding—and I think Lauren is finding the same thing—that charity, philanthropy, is very similar."

    Bezos provided no details on where his money would go or exactly how much of it he plans to donate. However, it marks one of the first major announcements by Bezos that he plans to dedicate his huge net worth to charity.

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    Bezos' ex-wife, MacKenzie Scott, became one of the world's biggest philanthropists in 2020 when she donated more than $5.8bn to charities. Scott donated an additional $2.7bn in 2021.

    Bezos' divorce from Scott was the most expensive of all time, with Bezos' net worth dropping significantly following the split.

    Entrepreneur Dan Price said on Twitter in 2021: "When Jeff Bezos got divorced, his fortune fell from $159 billion (£114bn) to $121 billion (£87bn)."

    Bezos quickly recouped a lot of that money, although never quite beat Elon Musk to the title of world's richest man after falling from the top spot.

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