Apple’s new iPhone 12 may have secret wireless charging feature

The iPhone 12 may have a secret new feature that allows it to wirelessly charge other devices.

The recently-released phone “supports a built-in inductive charging transmitter and receiver,” according to new FCC filings, which would imply that the phone’s battery would be able to give juice to other electronics that are compatible with wireless charging in addition to just receiving it.

The documents, first spotted by VentureBeat, suggest that Apple’s four new handsets can charge a device at a 5W charging speed — the same speed provided by Apple’s small 5W bricks.

Apple did not give any indication that reverse wireless charging was a feature of the iPhone 12 family. Other smartphone makers, such as Samsung, have included reverse wireless charging as a standard feature for years.

The iPhone 12 line is compatible with a new wireless charger called MagSafe, which snaps to the back of the iPhone with magnets to remove any room for error from an improperly aligned wireless charger.

The filing specifies that the only accessory that could be charged by an iPhone is “an external potential Apple accessory in the future,” and specified that the phone needs to be plugged in in order to work.

The iPhone 12, which hit stores last week, is Apple’s first device to which is able to access super-fast 5G networks.

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