Boss of vegan food giant Beyond Meat 'bit flesh off man's nose' in road rage row

The COO of vegan food giant Beyond Meat was arrested for a very anti-vegan misdemeanour where he allegedly tried biting a man’s nose.

On Saturday, Douglas Ramsey, got into a post football match brawl in Arkansas and got slapped with charges for ‘terroristic threatening’ and third-degree battery, according to official documents.

Local news outlet KNWA reported that Ramsey got into a violent altercation after a car bumped the front tire of his SUV as both vehicles exited a parking garage out of Fayetteville’s Razorback Stadium.

The 53-year-old vegan food executive allegedly started punching the owner of the car, who had left the vehicle, and also ‘bit the owner’s nose, ripping the flesh on the tip’.

He also ‘threatened to kill’ the other man, according to the report. 

The arresting officer said in a preliminary police report that Ramsey punched through the back window of the offending car before punching the other motorist and biting his nose with such force that he ripped into the flesh.

Ramsey was released on Sunday after an $11,085 (£9,711) bond was paid.

The COO is fairly new to vegan food, having previously had a long career in the meat processing industry, where he was responsible for poultry and McDonald’s business units.

He joined Beyond Meat, a manufacturer of plant-based burgers, sausages and nuggets, in December 2021.

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