Google mistakenly sends blogger $250,000

Tech giant Google accidently sent a blogger almost a quarter of a million dollars.

Sam Curry, who’s also a security engineer at Yuga Max, noticed the unusual transaction around a month ago.

He says he contacted the firm right away, but spent three weeks waiting for customer support to reply.

Eventually he turned to social media in the hopes of catching Google’s attention.

Sharing a snapshot of the transation on Twitter, he wrote: ‘It’s been a little over three weeks since Google randomly sent me $249,999 and I still haven’t heard anything on the support ticket.

‘Is there any way we could get in touch Google? (it’s OK if you don’t want it back…)’

‘I went into local Wells Fargo and explained everything then they helped send the accidental money back,’ he told The Independent.

Google confirmed to the publication the issue had been sorted out.

Although Curry sometimes does bug bounty hunting for firms — where software engineers report security flaws and other issues to tech companies in exchange for a payout — the massive Google transaction didn’t track with any of his work.

The firm told The Independent the payment was the result of ‘human error.’

‘We appreciate that it was quickly communicated to us by the impacted partner,’ a spokesperson added.

The unusual incident caused debate among Twitter users, with some asking Curry why he tried to return the payment at all.

‘Homie thats your money now why are you NARCing on yourself jesus christ,’ commented user Ben Smash.

But others maintained failing to return the cash might be a crime in itself.

‘Keeping that money could put him in criminal jeapordy when the actual owner realizes it is gone. People can go to prison for stuff like this,’ wrote user Harlen Bayha.

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