Cannibalism, drugs, hacking lessons and heart transplants – inside the Dark Web

Secret websites that can only be accessed through a special browser offer a glimpse of the internet’s seedy underbelly. Anything from cocaine to machine guns is available at the click of a button on the Dark Web.

Podcasters Ashton Bingham & Art Kulik interviewed cyber security expert Ryan ‘Zero Day’ Montgomery. He showed them how to easily obtain hacked PayPal accounts, with large cash balances, can be bought for a fraction of their true value, along with guns, hard drugs and stolen credit cards.

And, he explains, the criminals selling these goods – and worse – are almost completely immune from prosecution. He said: “The people that run these websites … some of them are very experienced in anonymising themselves”. Occasionally, the parcels with the illegal goods will be intercepted en route, but the sellers are almost impossible to trace.

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One of the sites Art and Ashton look at is called “Carne Human Meat,” and promises to sell packages of flesh to would-be cannibals. The website reads “we collect our meat mainly from morgues… road accidents are our guilty pleasure”.

The horrified podcasters read out the rest of the sales pitch. “We think everyone should taste human once in his or her life because it's yourself, it's knowledge. We deeply think eating human is not immoral as long as we don't kill them”.

Living human organs are also on the menu, with traders offering livers, kidneys and even hearts for transport – with no questions asked about where they came from. “You just provide your medical data and we will find a matching donor,” the organ peddlers promise.

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A price list explains that a human heart can be bought for $75,000 [just over £60,000].

Ryan explains that all of these hidden Dark Web websites can be viewed through a dedicated browser called TOR, [the Onion router]. One of the first sites he sees offers a course in hacking personal or business information.

He says he “hates” the term Dark Web, but added: “It’s a place where you can buy drugs, you could use it to buy weapons, ammunition, horrible photos of children, hacker for hire services, murder for hire you name it we can find it”.

Countless packages of credit card details, and other personal information can be bought for pennies. Art and Ashton both say they feel “sick” at the kind of information that’s on these sites, but Ryan assures them his site PenTester can at least scan peoples’ private data to see if it’s been leaked on the Dark Web.

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