Get Sky TV for £9 and half-price BT broadband but only if you act now

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BT is offering a seriously tempting price cut that’s not only offering customers 50 percent off their broadband bills but also the chance to grab full access to Sky TV for as little as £9 per month. These ludicrous discounts were launched as part of BT’s Black Friday sale event last month but they are still available until Thursday, December 8, which means if you act fast, you can still take full advantage.

BT Broadband half price!

£28 £14.49 View Deal

BT is offering a massive 50% off broadband this Black Friday with prices starting from under £15 per month. The deals even include a speed guarantee and the usual £30 joining fee has also been scrapped.

Contract length: 24-months | Set-up costs: FREE

For anyone happy to have basic internet speeds beamed into their property, BT’s half-price broadband starts from just £14.49 per month. That includes 36Mbps speeds which are just about fast enough for streaming content, checking emails and surfing the web.

Faster downloads are also available including 74Mbps for £16.99 per month and 500Mbps for £22.99 per month. There’s even the option to get the firm’s ultimate 900Mbps bundle for £27.99 – now that’s a bargain.

As well as dishing out that cheap broadband, the telecoms giant is also offering the chance to add Sky TV for as little as £9 per month.

This telly deal is available via Sky’s NOW service and includes full access to premium channels such as Sky Atlantic, Sky Max and Comedy Central.

If that doesn’t sound like enough to watch then you can add Sky Cinema for £14.99 extra per month or get Sky Sports and BT Sport for £37.99.

Want to know more? You can find full details about BT’s half-price TV deals here.


BT Entertainment • NOW £9 – first six months
INCLUDES: Sky Atlantic, Sky Max, Comedy Central and more via Sky’s NOW Entertainment Membership
BONUS: Set-top TV box plus full Netflix access
CONTRACT: 24 months

BT Big Entertainment • NOW £14 – first six months
INCLUDES: Sky Atlantic, Sky Max, Comedy Central and Sky Cinema via Sky’s NOW service
BONUS: Set-top TV box plus full Netflix access
CONTRACT: 24 months 

BT VIP • NOW £37.50 – first six months
INCLUDES: Sky Atlantic, Sky Max, Comedy Central, Sports and Cinema via Sky’s NOW platform
BONUS: Set-top TV box plus full Netflix access
CONTRACT: 24 months 

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These incredibly low prices also include a recordable TV box that can store 300 hours of content. You’ll also get full Netflix access thrown in as well which means you can watch endless boxsets and movies without paying anything extra.

If you want to know more you can find full details about all of BT’s deals here.

Of course, like all things in life, there is a catch as these discounts only last for the first six months of the 24-month contract.

They are still very good offers but you must make sure you can pay the full price before signing on the dotted line.

Luckily, it’s not just BT that has slashed prices. Sky has two very attractive deals available right now with both Sky Q and Sky Stream reduced in price.

Get Sky Q and Netflix for all-time low price!

£26 £22 View Deal

Using our exclusive link, you can save over £70 on the cost of Sky Q, 300 live satellite channels, 500 on-demand boxsets from HBO Max, Peacock, and Sky Originals, and a Netflix subscription. At £22 per month, this is the lowest ever price for this popular Sky TV bundle!

Set-up cost: £20 | 18-month minimum contract term

Firstly, you can take delivery of the award-winning Sky Q box for just £22 per month thanks to a hidden deal spotted by This includes full access to Sky’s Entertainment channels and is one of the lowest prices we have ever seen.

If the thought of having a dish strapped to your walls puts you off then Sky Stream is the answer. This diddy device can be DIY installed with users simply plugging it into the mains and connecting it to the Wi-Fi.

Live and on-demand content is then beamed to the big screen without any fuss.

When Sky launched Stream back in October it cost £26 per month but that price has now been reduced to just £23.

Want to know more? Read our full Sky Stream review.

Get Sky Stream at lowest EVER price

£26 £23 View Deal

Sky Stream offers a brand-new way to watch Sky TV on any screen in your home. And it doesn’t require a satellite dish! Prices start from just £23, which includes 150 Sky TV channels in High Definition (HD), 500 on-demand boxsets, and a Netflix subscription

Contract length: 18-months / 31-days | Self installation, no engineer required | Free next-day delivery

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