‘Iconic’ Nintendo 64 GoldenEye 007 shooter coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch

One of the most popular Nintendo 64 games of all time is finally getting ported to the Switch and Microsoft Xbox: GoldenEye 007.

This classic first-person shooter will soon be released on Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch Online, giving modern players the chance to try out a truly iconic FPS.

First released in 1997 to tie in with the James Bond movie of the same name, GoldenEye 007 will be re-released with upgraded controls and HD resolution, and even include fans' favourite cheat codes.

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For many millennial gamers, GoldenEye was their first ever shooter and was a mainstay of countless hours of 'couch coop' with friends.

Now younger generations of gamers will have the chance to experience its timeless gameplay⁠—and aging graphics⁠—along with the split-screen multiplayer.

Gamers young and old have shared their excitement at the release, which will also include online play.

One gamer, Gavin Stevens said: "It's always strange seeing the generational gap. To me, GoldenEye 64 multi was the s**t. It was just what we cool kids did, when we wasn't playing Quake, Unreal, C&C and stuff. It was the best FPS MP you could get on a console, and at the time the ease of it was just unmatched."

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GoldenEye was announced for Switch as part of a raft of new N64 emulator games which are included in the Nintendo Online+ expansion pack.

This allows Switch players to enjoy some of Nintendo's classic retro games, from SNES to N64.

Other titles announced alongside GoldenEye include Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2, Excitebike 64, and Mario Party 3.

All of this was revealed as part of Nintendo's September 2022 'Direct' event where the Japanese gaming giant also shared a new trailer for the new Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom game.


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