iPhone ‘screen shrinker’ hack is gamechanger for people with very small hands

With a screen size of over 6.7 inches, top-end iPhones undoubtedly have impressive displays.

While these mega screens offer pixel-perfect browsing, scrolling and watching to iPhone users, they can be a nightmare for those with small hands or stubby fingers.

Even people with regular-sized digits often struggle to reach the top of the screen when they're typing one-handed or with their thumbs.

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Fortunately, Apple have included a little-known hack that enables you to take back full control of your oversized iPhone screen.

The feature is called Reachability, and it can be used to lower the top half of the screen so that you can take control of everything using only your thumb—rather than having to type everything with two hands like some kind of boomer.

How to use Reachability on iPhone

Like many other iPhone hacks, all you have to do to access Reachability is head to the Settings app.

Tap the 'Settings' icon on the iOS home screen, then go to Accessibility > Touch.

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Here you should be able to see the Reachability option. Once you've switched it on, you can then use gesture controls on any iPhone app to activate it.

If you're an iPhone with FaceID, i.e. a newer model, all you do is swipe downwards on the bottom edge of the screen to turn the feature on.

Or, if you're an older iPhone that still has a Home button, you just have to lightly double tap this and Reachability will be activated.


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