Futuristic electric DeLorean car looks like it was brought back from the future

One of the most iconic car companies in cinema history has just unveiled an unbelievably futuristic motor.

The DeLorean Motor Company, made famous by the Michael J. Fox film franchise Back To The Future, has revealed its latest model.

Resembling a spaceship more than it does a car, the Alpha5 looks like it was brought straight back from the future and comes complete with vertical gull-wing doors in homage to the original DMC-12 car from the movie.

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It doesn't just look futuristic. The Alpha5 is all-electric and can hit 88mph in 4.35 seconds—the speed required for time travel in the movie.

The car was spotted at CES 2023 by Metro, with a prototype on show at the tech conference's main floor.

It's set to be even more exclusive than a Tesla, as only an oddly-specific 9,351 models are being made.

If you want one, you'll have to sign up to a lifelong membership of the DeLorean Alpha Club for $88 (£72). You then have to reserve a 'production slot' for $2500 (£2110) before you can customise and buy the actual car.

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DeLorean expects the car to hit the road at some point next year in 2024.

The car has been met with a huge amount of interest from Back To The Future fans. One Twitter user, QuotableGuru, said: "I'm ready to take a trip to the future! The DeLorean Alpha5 is the perfect vehicle to get me there – electric, stylish, and full of nostalgia."

Despite its futuristic features, the Alpha5 will unfortunately not come fitted with a flux capacitor—the gadget which enables time travel in Back To The Future—but it will certainly turn a few heads as you drive it around.


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