Jay-Z invests millions in ‘robot pizza’ company founded by former SpaceX staff

A team of former SpaceX engineers who ditched Elon Musk to build pizza robots has attracted the support of another billionaire: JayZ.

The rapper and music producer has reportedly invested $16.5million (£14m) into Stellar Pizza, an LA-based startup which is building an army of automated pizza trucks capable of dishing out slices in seconds.

JayZ's venture capital firm, Marcy Ventures, has reportedly slung a load of funding their way to support their cheesy mission.

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It means that Stellar will be able to expand their fleet of lightning-fast pizzas using automated trucks which require only one driver and no staff.

Stellar Pizza was founded by a team of engineers who left SpaceX to build pizza robots, which so far can serve up to 420 12-inch pizzas before needing to reload.

The pizzas take about five minutes and are set to appear for the first time at a university campus in Los Angeles this Autumn.

You order a pizza using an app and then the robot works with fresh dough, adding toppings and sauce before sliding it into a mega-hot oven and slicing it up for you.

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Using mechanical arms and smart sensors, the robot even puts the pizza in a box for you.

Pizza consultant Noel Brohner said he tried Stellar's earliest pizza recipe and was impressed with the results.

He said: "I was really impressed, and kind of shocked that a couple of rocket engineers could do so well for themselves even before I got brought in."

It's not clear why the engineers left Elon Musk's SpaceX, but maybe there just wasn't much good pizza around the company's Starbase. At least Jay-Z will get a slice.


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