It might be time to say 'Hello, Moto' as one of the most popular flip phones of the pre-iPhone era is coming back in a big way.

According to leaked images on Chinese social media, the Motorola Razr is set for a comeback.

Leaked photos reveal that the phone will include a folding touchscreen, just like the Samsung Galaxy Flip—and it could make the old Razr feel like a distant hazy memory.

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It's also set to have three cameras on the back and as much as 512GB storage.

It's also set to launch with top-end specs similar to major iPhone models, including a 120hz fast display and a powerful processor.

According to the unconfirmed leaks, the model will be unveiled on August 2—that's next Tuesday.

There's one major catch however, as it seems the new model will only be available in China.

It's not clear whether the leaks are true, but if so, it could mean that a folding touchscreen Razr is coming to UK shores very soon.

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The original Motorola Razr sold more than 130 million units, making it the bestselling 'clamshell' phone of all time.

It was hugely popular for its sleek design, shiny keys, 1.2 megapixel camera, and 512mb of storage.

The Razr was also a status symbol in the mid-2000s, featuring in popular films and TV shows including 'Lost', 'Top Gear', 'Torchwood' and more.

Less than a year after the release of the Razr V3, however, the iPhone was born, consigning Motorola's baby to the dustbin of history. And actual dustbins, probably.


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