‘Petty’ Brit flies 4,000 miles to find thief who stole his AirPod earphones

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A man from Manchester has been reunited with his Apple AirPods after taking a very expensive round-trip to retrieve them.

Lewis Ellis, 31, decided to go on a globetrotting trek to retrieve his beloved headphones after leaving them on a Qatar Airways flight from Bangkok to Doha.

He said staff wouldn't let him back on the plane to retrieve them, and after waiting four hours in the airport for them, he gave up and went home.

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Lewis later checked the location of the AirPods using the 'Find My' app on iPhone and discovered that the earphones were on 'the holiday of a lifetime'.

Lewis watched his earphones travel the world for five months. He said: "I watched as they flew from Qatar to Kathmandu, before heading to a small village in the Himalayan mountains overlooking Nepal.

"They then took a short jaunt to Thailand before finally coming to rest back in Doha."

After his friends dared him to go and retrieve them in person, Lewis and his friend Tom flew to Doha and used the Find My app to try and find the AirPods with the help of a local man, Karim.

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Once they arrived in Doha, the lads tracked the AirPods to an apartment building and went door-to-door trying to connect to them using Bluetooth. Eventually, they made contact outside one of the rooms.

Lewis, who had the original box with the serial number on, said: "We knew they were inside and I was determined to get them back. I would go back every day of the trip until I got them."

Eventually, he was allowed inside and given the lost headphones, where the person who took them apologised. "We high-fived and cheered, it was all fun and games and there were no hard feelings."

Lewis added: "I didn't really expect to get them back and I joked that flying to Doha to get them is the pettiest thing I've ever done."

Lewis says he has no regrets after spending £2,300 on flights, food and accommodation to retrieve the £119 headphones.


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