Pro is way to go with iPhone 15 – how to get Max from Apple’s latest handsets

Pro is definitely the way to go with the iPhone in 2023.

Apple’s latest premium handsets, which include the ultimate Pro Max, get some mighty upgrades this year including a ludicrously fast A17 Pro processor which lets you play console-style games on the smartphone in your pocket.

A new Action Button has been added for instant access to features such as the camera and torch with just one tap. The design has been refreshed with a splashing of Titanium making these Pro devices lighter and nicer to have in your hands.

Of course, going Pro has always meant getting better cameras and things are boosted once again thanks to a bigger 48MP main sensor. This offers more versatility with Apple, even allowing users to magically change the focus after images have been shot.

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Night photos also get a huge boost making things brighter and if you go Max you’ll be treated to a 5x optical zoom offering impressive close-ups. The screens get smaller bezels along with being brighter and there’s now USB-C charging which means one cable refills your iPad, MacBook and phone. This port also lets you whizz files from the device at super-fast speeds.

It’s pretty tough to find fault with the Pro and Pro Max especially as Apple even dropped the price of the entry-level option. The Pro models have always been the ultimate iPhone, but these super improvements mean the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max might just be the very best smartphone of the last year. STAR RATING: 5/5.

iPhone 15s are dazzling

The new iPhone 15 and 15 Plus are a stunning pair of smartphones that come packed with features that Apple previously reserved for its priciest Pro models.

There is the hasty A16 Bionic processor plus they both now get the Dynamic Island notch that transforms the jet-black cut-out for the front-facing camera into an ever-changing interactive display. A massive boost to the dual-lens rear camera means your family snaps will look better than ever.

All the new iPhone 15s have a USB-C port, rather than Lightning, which can be used to refill other accessories. But, while the display is brighter, Apple still hasn’t boosted the refresh rate, which is stuck at a slow 60Hz. We’ve been dazzled by the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, which surpass previous models. STAR RATING: 5/5.

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