PS5 game Martha Is Dead censored for extreme violence – and ‘face peeling’ scene
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    A new videogame has been heavily censored on Playstation 4 and 5 for its 'extreme' violence and sexual content.

    'Martha is Dead', a psychological horror game set in Italy during the last year of World War 2, has had some of its key scenes cut by Sony bigwigs for its disturbing content.

    Game developers LKA were forced to censor some of the game's more graphic scenes as well as add additional safety warnings and options in a rare show of censorship by the makers of Playstation.

    This was after early reviews and Twitch streams of the game showcased some of the visceral body horror the game has to offer.

    The tip of the iceberg is a controversial 'face peeling' scene where players must slice off a dead woman's face using the end of a necklace.

    However, some of the scenes that have been removed or censored are much, much worse, with content ranging from disembowelment to gory sex references.

    Playable scenes in which players participated in gory violence are now no longer interactive, and gamers are also being given the option to skip certain cut scenes while playing.

    There is now a 'censored' mode which completely removes some of the more gruesome sections from the game.

    LKA have also been made to add more disclaimer texts at the start of the game and content warnings, as well as remove all references to masturbation.

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    While Playstation has not commented on the move, the game's publisher Wired Productions said it led to a slight delay in the game's release.

    Neil Broadhead, marketing head at Wired Productions, said to IGN that these changes were made as a result of talks with Sony: "The changes in content were made as a result of conversations with PlayStation in the lead up to our launch.

    "Although the changes were not planned and the modifications did result in a slight delay in being able to start production on the physical edition, PlayStation fully supported us to help minimise this delay."

    The changes only affect the Playstation version of the game. Its release on Xbox and PC remains unaffected.

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