‘Scary accurate’ psychic AI app blows users’ minds with ‘spot-on’ readings

An AI-powered 'fortune telling' app has been called 'spooky' and 'freaky accurate' for its soothsaying powers—but not everyone is happy about its ads.

Faladdin is a free fortune-telling app available on Android and iPhone which gives users tarot readings, horoscopes, and even AI-powered coffee cup readings.

Its creators claim that it combines AI deep learning with 'mystical disciplines' to give people daily personalised readings.

Users have called Faladdin 'spooky' and 'freaky accurate. One user on the Google Play Store said that the app accurately predicted it was going to rain even though the weather forecast didn't.

"When I first started using the app, it told me to come back tomorrow because it's going to rain. Well, I went to my weather app and not a drop of rain was predicted. The next day I went to a book store […] it was freaking raining."

Others have said the app is "spot on" in its predictions. "Scary how spot on this is for me and my soon to be wife. We read them daily together and we are always astonished by the accuracy and the truth about what is currently happening. I have to check to see if the microphone is permitted to be used by the application because of how it knows what we're going through!"

The app was created by Turkish entrepreneur Sertac Tasdelen, who was inspired to build the tool by his clairvoyant mother.

Sertac said: "Inspiration stuck me in 2010 when me and my friends were enjoying Turkish coffee over dinner. I explained that my mum, a fortune teller in her free time, could read their fortunes from Turkish coffee cups (traditional way of reading fortunes in Turkish and Middle Eastern culture.

Sertac and his friends began sending photographs of their coffee cups to his mother, who would send readings back via email. This quickly grew into a blog and, eventually, an app that could generate personalised fortunes automatically.

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However, others have criticised the app for the number of ads it sends to free users with many negative reviews on the Play Store focusing on this. Meanwhile, others have said that tweaking the app's settings can throw the AI's psychic readings drastically off.

One user said: "I selected the LGBT option and now all of my readings are horribly inaccurate like one said I'd be buying a car in the near future but I don't even have a licence and another mentioned my sister but I don't have a sister."

It is unclear exactly how the 'artificial intelligence' behind the app generates readings, but one thing's for sure: they're just as authentic those you'd get from a professional psychic, fairground Tarot reader, or the Mystic Meg column at the back of a magazine.

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