Sky Q users angered by missing ITV upgrade but a fix may come soon

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If you use Sky Q and are having trouble finding the new ITVX app on the home screen then you are definitely not alone. This new streaming service, which launched late last year, is still annoyingly absent from Sky’s award-winning set-top box and it’s causing plenty of frustration for customers with Q in their living rooms. For those not already aware, ITVX is the new home of the channel’s on-demand programming. This online player not only includes recently broadcast content but also features hundreds of boxsets along with new shows that are yet to be aired via standard terrestrial channels such as ITV 1 or ITV 2. In fact, there are around 15,000 hours of telly to watch plus the promise of new and exclusive TV released every week.

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It’s a major upgrade from ITV with X replacing the older and now extinct Hub platform.

Sadly, despite ITVX being available on Sky’s Glass TV and the latest Stream box there’s no sign of it on Sky Q.

This has left many feeling hugely frustrated as it means using another device – such as a smart TV or streaming stick – to gain access to popular shows, series and movies.

Many Sky Q users have now taken to social media platforms, such as Twitter, to vent their anger with one Q customer called Lee saying: “This really isn’t impressive I’m fed up I’ve bought sky Q for all my rooms in my house I spend a lot on your service and I’m a loyal customer since the week you launched I’m disgusted I can’t access ITVX on my Q I’m not buying glass I might review my custom.”

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And another named Kim added: “Why isn’t it available to Sky Q? What’s the rationale? We pay enough, don’t we?.”

Sky and ITV have both confirmed that an upgrade is hopefully coming soon but there’s still no official launch date.

In a post on its website Sky says: “ITVX is only available on Sky Glass and Sky Stream. It will be available on Sky Q soon.”

Whilst ITV added: “We are currently looking into bringing the ITVX app to the Sky Q platform, unfortunately, we do not have any news on when this could happen sadly.”

Sky Q has full access to all of the most popular streaming apps such as BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Prime Video and Netflix so it’s unclear why it’s taking so long to introduce ITVX to this hugely popular set-top box.

If you can’t wait any longer then switching to Sky Glass or Sky Stream could be the best solution as both of these devices features instant access.

They also don’t require a dish to be drilled into the walls and there’s no annoying installation.

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