Slash your Sky TV bill by making these three very simple changes

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Sky continues to offer endless hours of entertainment and market-leading ways to watch TV including its award-winning Sky Q box and latest Glass telly which beams shows to the big screen without the need for a dish. There’s not much that matches this premium service and, despite some good Sky deals, it’s not exactly cheap with most customers paying out over £40 per month for the privilege of having Sky in their living rooms.

Sky Q Lite bundle – lowest ever price, guaranteed for 18-months

Sky has launched an unmissable bargain offering its award-winning Sky Q box and broadband at a low price. For a limited time, Sky will freeze your monthly bills for the next 18-months, so you’re guaranteed to avoid any price rises throughout 2023!

Broadband speed: 36Mbps | Excludes chargeable calls | Contract length: 18-months | Set-up cost: £29.95

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With the cost of living crisis dominating the headlines and energy bills about to rocket over the winter you might be looking at ways to reduce your bills and has three top tips to lower the cost of watching content on your television.

Switch to Sky Q Lite

Anyone wanting the Sky Q experience at a more affordable price should definitely consider switching over to the Lite bundle. This package currently costs just £30 per month with that price even including basic broadband speeds. To make things even more attractive, Sky promises to freeze this price for the term of the deal which means things won’t go up when the firm announces its yearly rise next April.

Sky Q Lite includes the firm’s award-winning set-top box and full access to hundreds of Freeview channels and 30Mbps broadband speeds.


Sky Q explain simple way to navigate the home screen

Move over to NOW

Along with Sky’s full satellite service, the company also has its NOW (formerly NOW TV) platform. This is beamed into homes using a standard broadband connection and along with it being totally hassle-free it also doesn’t require you to sign up for a lengthy contract. In fact, you can switch things off whenever you like.

NOW often has discounts and right now you can get Sky Sports and Sky Cinema at a cheaper price.

The NOW Cinema and Entertainment bundle is currently just £14.99 per month for the next six months. This plan usually costs £19.98 so there’s a decent saving to be made.

Those wanting to watch the Premier League and climax to the F1 season can also get a Sports Membership for just £25 per month. Again, this low price lasts for six months and saves over £7 per month.


BT is calling

The final way to save some cash is to switch to BT. The broadband supplier has just launched a mega deal that includes a blockbuster TV package for just £6 per month.

This bundle includes full access to channels such as Sky Atlantic, Sky Max, Comedy Central and more.

There are also over 300 Box Sets on demand, a Sly Q-style recordable TV box with 300 hours of storage space and full Freeview access.

You even get a Netflix Basic plan thrown in for good measure.

The only thing to be aware of is that you will need to take out a BT broadband plan to get the TV deal and the offer runs out on September 29.


Get BT TV for £6 with broadband

BT is offering broadband customers the chance to get TV for just £6. This offer includes a clever set-top box, Sky channels and even access to Netflix

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