Sonos speaker gets rare discount but buying one comes with a warning

Sonos fans might be tempted by a very rare discount that’s offering some big money off of the hugely popular Sonos One. This award-winning speaker usually costs a pretty hefty £199 but, thanks to the best Sonos deals getting even better, some UK retailers have slashed that price down to under £150. Stores including Currys, John Lewis and AO have all applied the reduction and there’s no question that it’s a very tempting offer.

Sonos One

A brilliant speaker with excellent sound quality, AirPlay 2 support, and hands-free access to Alexa and Google Assistant. What more could you want?

Sonos One SL

Get the same superb sound quality …but without the far-field microphone array that enables Alexa and Google Assistant. The trade-off? A cheaper price tag!

The Sonos One features impressive audio thanks to its two Class-D digital amplifiers, tweeter and a midwoofer. There’s also full access to both the Alexa and Google smart assistants plus music can be beamed to the device via Apple AirPlay.

As you can read in our full Sonos One review, this is a top-rated device that’s definitely worth considering – especially as it’s now cheaper than before.

Anyone tempted can find the deals below but rushing to splash the cash does come with a warning.

The Sonos One is about to be discontinued with it being replaced by a new device called the Era 100.

This totally rebooted music maker gets a new sleeker design, updated touch controls and much-improved sound. In fact, thanks to a 25 percent larger woofer than its predecessor, the US firm says that the Era 100 fills rooms with noticeably deeper bass. had an exclusive preview of the Era 100 before it was announced and it certainly sounds impressive.

To help boost the audio there are also dual-angled tweeters which are capable of sending crisp high frequencies left and right for a stereo experience.

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Two can also be paired together along with a Sonos soundbar for the ultimate movie night in.

It all sounds impressive but it’s worth noting that the Sonos Era 100 won’t be available until later this month. At £249 it’s also way more expensive than the Sonos One – especially as that older speaker has got that price cut.

If you do fancy taking the plunge, you can pre-order the Sonos Era 100 now with it arriving in homes from March 28. To help make things a tiny bit more affordable, Sonos is offering the option to pay things back via monthly instalments.

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