UK emergency test alert sparks conspiracies from alien invasion to nuke attack
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    A test emergency sent out to nearly every smartphone in the UK today (Sunday, April 23), has sparked wild fears.

    An announcement will be sent to almost every switched-on iPhone and Android device in the country at 3pm, with the test set to last for 10 seconds as the government trials the new alert system.

    Officials have said future alerts will be used to notify Brits of terrorist incidents, civil defence emergencies and weather disasters, such as flooding or wildfires.

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    But conspiracy theorists across the country fear the alert could warn of something much more sinister, such as an alien invasion or a nuclear strike by Russian warmonger Vladimir Putin.

    Taking to Twitter, one concerned user wrote: "Why the sudden UK Emergency alert warning? What do the powers that be know that we don’t know? Imminent terror attack? UFO/Alien invasion?"

    Another chimed in: "The whole emergency alert thing is just making me think they think Russia is going to drop a nuclear bomb on us," while a third agreed: "This emergency alert thing that's coming in from Sunday… am I meant to believe that this has nothing to do with the very real threat of nuclear war, and that's why it's being introduced?"

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    Others were concerned the test could coincidentally occur at the same time as a real emergency, leaving Brits in the dark.

    "What if some proper sh** goes down just before they’re due to send the emergency alert on Sunday and they have to send a real one? Like, aliens arrive or something? Everyone just reads the text and goes 'hmm, bit much,'" another added.

    The test will be sent to most switched-on iPhones and Androids in the country, with 90% of smartphone users expected to receive the alert.

    Phones that have been switched off will not receive the message but those with their phones on silent will still hear a sound alert playing from their device.

    The test in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland will read: "This is a test of Emergency Alerts, a new UK government service that will warn you if there’s a life-threatening emergency nearby.

    "In a real emergency, follow the instructions in the alert to keep yourself and others safe.

    "Visit for more information. This is a test. You do not need to take any action."

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    Meanwhile, the alert in Wales will feature the same message in both English and Welsh.

    Once the test has been received, phone users will be able to swipe the message away or click "OK" to carry on using their phone as normal.

    The government has not given any indication that today's notification has been scheduled for a particular reason and urged Brits to remember the alert is just a test.

    Oliver Dowden, the minister in charge of the emergency alerts, said real emergency alerts will only be used when there is an immediate risk to life.

    He added a typical alert will usually target only parts of the country that are affected by the threat, rather than the whole country.

    Mr Dowden said: "You are not going to be spammed by the government with constant incoming messages. The bar for this is exceptionally high.

    "We chose the afternoon for it because that is quieter than the morning when people are more likely to be shopping or attending church services."


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