You can get ‘amazing’ new iPhone 14 feature on Android for free – here’s how

Dreaming of an iPhone 14? You're not alone, but forking out hundreds of pounds for Apple's latest device isn't exactly affordable for a lot of people right now.

Luckily, you can get knock-off versions of some of the iPhone 14's latest features on your Android smartphone—including the landmark new feature of the iPhone 14 Pro, the 'Dynamic Island'.

The 'Dynamic Island' was introduced to the new premium range of iPhones to replace the screen 'notch' which houses the camera and sensors on the standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 models. It turns the selfie camera hole into a swish, animated notification bar that can shapeshift at will.

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Many Android users sadly have to put up with a camera pinhole at the top of their phone screens, without any of the nifty embellishments iPhone users get to enjoy. At least, they used to.

An app called DynamicSpot has appeared on the Google Play Store which gives Android users a 'dynamic island'-style feature at the top of their screens to house notifications and more.

Created by the app studio Jawomo, it looks just like the iPhone version and works exactly as intended—with one major catch.

The developers haven't quite ironed out all the kinks just yet, which means that you'll receive notifications twice. That's once through the 'island' widget and then again through floating on-screen popups.

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However, users can customise the island and alter its position, size, and more, as well as pay for an upgrade to a 'long tap feature' similar to Apple's version of the feature. This lets you see more information about a notification or even reply.

It seems though that if you want the real deal, your best bet is to pick up a new iPhone 14 Pro or wait a couple of years until Apple introduces Dynamic Island to all of its devices. (Something it is rumoured to be planning for the iPhone 15 next year).


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